I thought about not trying because others failed what I intend trying

I compared my style, my methods with the others’ and found theirs better

And if I was better than any of them, it was not significant in any way

So, I think I am the class bottom

However, I must try

I must try to leave the class bottom

What if I decide not to read because those who read failed?

Will that make me a saint or a careful, wise person?

The prospects of the business might be risky

Surely, Mr Tom* can relate to failure in the business

So I, Mr Dick should not venture into such business

Isn’t that an intelligent and shrewd decision?

But wait, let’s see…

First, others had tried, they have the experience

So why can’t I?

In the process of trying, they failed. Great!

Wait, not so great, right?

But they learned ninety-nine ways not to make light bulbs!

They are neither cold nor hot. Slightly lukewarm I say

But hey, they tried

So I reasoned I should see and feel for myself how it is to try

How failure can teach me patience or how success can inspire me

And what if I actually failed, my mind questioned

Then fail honorably. So you can gather your unique experiences

Use it to set up a plan with the experience in hand, try again!

Now, what if those who tried before never got what they wanted?

Will that have been tagged failure, unfruitful, wasteful?

In the event of failure they build character and knowledge

And if Knowledge is wise as she is portrayed to be

She teaches one how not to do the same thing twice!

Now, I think the greatest disaster is not trying at all



Happy New Year everyone. Welcome to 2019! I believe we will have a better Poetic year!! My message this new year is try something new. Start that farm or laundry business, get tuition classes, take cook lessons, do something new. Try something!

Mr Tom, Mr Dick: imaginary figures. No reference made to anybody regarding the use of the names.

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