Tell me of the land where the sands meet the waters,

Where forests paint the beautiful landscape light green

Tell me of the blue skies that illuminate the ocean

As birds sing on the soft cloudless horizon!

Tell me the songs that warm the hearts of the villagers,

Teach me the folk, about the blue sea and the countryside

When I can go see the lemurs and the islands wild

Tell me about the weather, will it shine, blow or be mild?

Tell me about your beaches that grow white sands,

And what if we sat under the tall coconut tree shades

To watch the sea waters fight with the furious tides

And savor the taste of coconut juice from its husky seeds?

What if I told you I am in love with you, Madagascar

And hope to see the beach and the white waters of your sea?

What if I sail the ocean and drink beer with the native Malagasy

As they tell me stories of their beautiful heritage and history?



I hope to travel across the continent of Africa to collect and write down folklores/tales from natives. I am convinced that there are stories untold that may be lost. Political instability, famine and other factors may have caused this trend. It is my dream to revive the culture of storytelling and I might not be able to achieve this by myself.

These beautiful images was originally taken by Jean-Luc Allègre, a very famous photographer and provided by my friend Manevasoa.

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