The vision I see of your rising, great motherland,

It gets me excited and hopeful!

Your children spread like that tentacle of the Octopus

But one day, some day, You must gather them together

As dew cling to the leaves of trees in the morning

So do my hope, my faith in you Africa

You are bunch of inspiration

The Waterfalls, great rivers, forests and the people

In the midst of little you rejoice

In the midst of abundance you rejoice

Morning sun, lovely weather and the wild

There is joy in all you are growing to become

There is a song on the lips of birds

They sing for you, yes!

When the sun set, you gather your seeds

Even those far away feel your warmth

You mean love to me

And each time I pick my pen to muse

I can not help but ponder on your beauty,

My inspiration has become a burning candle in my heart

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