A tale of the WildWoods 3: Summer arrives

When summer finally came, a lot had changed

The last snow melted and the sad land woke

Grasses started growing, covering the outer earth

So those who burrow scrambled out from the dust

Soft airs and tidings surround the mountainside

Sending sweet emissaries around the valley below

Vines, myrrhs, mistletoes and pines sprout happily

In the morning, the sunshine will not glitter on ice,

Instead the heat grew and the wood inhabitants felt it

First, the Squirrels thought the world was going crazy

And their cousins, the burrow rats seconded them

‘The frog choir will soon resume’, a brown Cricket observed

‘And if they do I am going to go crazy!’ a Sparrow replied

‘Not if they played on a softer note at least’

A Linnet added to the conversation

‘No way, they have all got bass! Male, female all bass!!’

A sad Bee, which sat on the tip of a tree leaf answered

Now, fresh grass brought the Deers and mountain goats

At the Otherside across the rocky land, the Stream flowed

Leaps of water, joyful that her prisoner had let her free

‘Crap! I mean did anyone notice that the cats are back?’

Some stray mice broke the niches silence

‘They have our land smeared with urine, them Bobcats!’

‘Yes, they think it is their fatherland. Well we better hide’

Now the wolf pack had no cold anymore

So they prowled the earth with more ease

Picking trails of rodents through the thick woods

The Mountain stood, usually a still, motionless figure

One that kept some admirers intrigued

As the ice melted, water trickled down to the land

And the wild wood fauna felt sad for her

For they believed she was weeping at her loss

‘She has been like this since the Ice King left’,

The soft voiced black and white Pigeons sang

‘She is heartbroken! Why will the Ice King be so cruel?

He even took her icy cloak and see, now… now she is naked!’

A duck said closing the eyes of her young with feathers

‘I think she looks pretty amazing, so much joy in pain

No one cares much enough, I think she needs a hug’

A tortoise with a huge shell opined

‘No she needs a gift’, the Wolf pack alpha barked

‘She is the worst person I ever met!’ he added

The other animals had to retreat to their homes

Or if you are too small or slow, just find a hideout

For the wolf pack, the villains of the valley

Had no mercy and they do as their word sound

‘What do we offer her, a fine rose shrub maybe?’

Another wolf suggested as the roses around hid

‘No, well anything. If she continue that way

I bet you the streams will overflow and we will have no land

To hunt, to plunder and to rule!’

‘Well, if being solitary is the best way of getting rid of vermin

Then it is the best shot at self discovery’

The philosophical Woodpecker reasoned from the tree top

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