The Countryside

Evening airs bring blessings to the sleepy hamlet
The cute hut chimneys churn out thick smoke
And the smoke scatter once they meet the wind
The smoke suggest cooking food; fresh cabbage
With cooked brown beans and fried Salmon
Which was caught in the early morning,
Just off the hamlets quiet but great rivulet
The rivulet came from the hills, up there
Crashing noisefully through the pine forest
And cruising softly as it approached the hamlet
Beside the waters, a dairy mooed away the day
Fresh green grass fields surface here and there
The cows love the smell it gave in the evening
At the back of the forest, boys fish and swim
Gathering several shells and stray crabs for soup, 
Watching the still waters flow peacefully to town
While the sun set behind the great hills before them
Tasty men, home from the Deer forests
Gather with game: mountain goats and some deer
At the rivulet, they keep their quarry for a quick bath
Behind the gardens, mothers cut vegetables and pick snails
The color of the evening changing with each passing wind
Birds quack and fly away, the echelon an amazing sight
Across the wild and cloudy horizon
A signal to all to gather, back to the huts safety, 
For it was time to seal the day in the countryside

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