Lafia when I looked up I saw you, I saw life

I saw tomatoes squashed and gutted by the roadside

And some tall mallams washing their legs and hands, 

With their faces to the sun, preparing for the evening prayers, 

I raised my eyes further, towards the East

And lo, the route to home was trooping with people, 

People returning, craving for the comfort of their homes

I saw roads which bring hope and two different worlds together

I saw the rains that came with lightning and deafening thunder

In all I saw your peace and tranquility, the joy of a united people

The people are happy, at least they have bread, meat and liqour

Sell of oranges and sugar cane stalks litter everywhere

The cattle dung is special, the fragrance of grass in the morning

A sweet invitation to livestock, I see them lick their tongues

The sun gave different hues and shades, for the fine quiet city

Is set to have a nap, but wait not yet, not just yet! 

The nights awoke the other side of the city, it brought life! 

Men went to the inns around for burukutu, while the women cooked

Boys and girls played in the sand and the dogs watched lazily

In the heat of the nights, scorpions visit the open walls for fresh air

And rodents ran after each other, enjoying the freedom of the night

Lafia wakes up in the morning to buy cereals for breakfast

But sleeps late in the night when the darkness came fast


Lafia is a town in Northern Nigeria where I did my one year National Youth Service. I miss the city and her little luxury it gave me.

Burukutu: strong beer

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