Another Tale of the WildWoods


Once upon a time, the night was cold and the snow lay thick on branches,

On the forest lands, the road and the pathways leading to the village

The cold gripped the whole community of fauna and flourishing flora,

As the day ended, the night became alive with howls, hoots and screeches


The grassland and shrub grew quiet with time and the airs untamed

For the airs threw up the tree leaves and snapped tree branches

Beneath tree branches, generous roots grew a citadel for her dwellers

And worms, toads, termites and mushrooms loved their abode


First, the worms gave the root house a swampy look, one of dis-grace,

The toads gathered all mud and created a nest just beside the worms,

The termites brought in the furniture, the wood sticks and the leaf cushions,

And the mushrooms gave the root house humid smell, one of queer fragrance


Then a little walk from the root house, the nest of a brown Patridge stood

In the heat of the day, she will dance and pick stray worms and crubs,

She will search the pile of leaves and gather small sticks for her nest

In the cool of the night, she will sit on her nest and watch the moon fade 


By the pool, just a little distance from the Patridges nest, water fell

The sounds drum up the hot day and cool evenings to mild beats

And the forest small voices sang a song which echoed thru the brush;

Welcoming the moments with each stroke of Nature’s music, when waters fall


Further away, the wolves sat watching the night grow colder as time went

Once in a while a ‘wooooo-wooooo’ sounded thru the dark night 

Many rodents shivered at the sound of that terrifying beagle

But that was the wolves savoring and greeting the coming night

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