Folklore: Let’s play under the Moon light


Breezes of your presence come to me each evening, with mild rosy fragrance 

The voice of the wind sing with you when you sang of the Nightingale and her lover 

And now it is our tryst, one we waited upon, the one we craved when the sun was here


Now we make haste, for the night will be cold and we must stay near the fire, 

Under the baobab tree our love will blossom and there our tryst play our fancy

The mild air mix with your fragrance and the Night herself has come for a sniff 

Merry evening, one of love, beneath the tree with the moon shining long and bright

But the evening is still young and so will our tales be and the ones others will tell

Let’s play hide and seek as other youth gather for the nights tale

Let’s wait for the youth, lovers to gather

And this night there will be no timidity

Ah!  It must not be this night, no no no… 

And if my wit tries to run I will hold it back… 

But I have not come to watch anyone but you

My jewel, I am your Lion, your forest King! 

And before the night tales are spent

We would have lived our Romeo and Juliet! 

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