Muse: Under the Guava

The Guava sheds our little playground from the scorching sun
The flowers fall on our heads and gave the look of a fine bride

There is a family of brown green mantis on the leaves of the Guava
Savoring the sweet fragrance of the flower and the open air

The Guava is our citadel, it protects the termites and bees
And the flora that grew below her foot she shows benevolence

The fruits are sweet, ah- she drops them for the hungry children
When the day draw to the end her strong stem become a support to the weak

In the airy evening, the Guava stands out like a solitary king
Shading the grey moon light from our dark faces and lean bodies

In the morning the dews descend on her peaceful quietness
The wind play with her, wooing and waking her to a new days song