A little Faith

Who is it that overcomes the world? Only the one who believes that Jesus is the Son of God …1st John 5.5

Here comes lines of cheer and wit
Grown from experiences, from the heart
A rule of success, everything perfect
An elixir of healing for all round health
A beacon to help a man become great
And a seasoning to give taste like salt
A pill to uplift the soul, body and spirit
A Divine arrangement for all on Earth
These lines are born of thought,
For this substance makes a man fly higher than the Kite
And to believe in it, one can reach the mountains heights.
It helps vision clearly even with fog falling on twilight
For those who saw the future, blue and bright
They believed though they never saw it yet!
They worked in Gods perfect design and path
For in so doing, God revealed His great might
And led them thru the dark tunnel to light
He provided their needs and made them give to others gifts
To them He gave to keep for the rainy day and to clothe
And now they believe in Jehovah Almighty for the best
For ye who desire this, grow this little seed called Faith!

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