Love note

This is for you my dearest…

There are twists and turns on the way
Hills and valleys
Darkness and light,
But love, true love surpasses any hindrance or fear

I do not dance very well,
I might not sing so well
But I can love you in many ways
We can ride the Lions back, we can do anything, Yes!

I stare upon your graceful looks
Upon the lips that pout before me
Wonders of natures benevolence
Have you imagined the dreams we can build together?

I shall make a fire for you in the cold,
And in words burn the world
In my minds eyes you shall live
In the evenings I shall read you my tales

Let us give our love to Nature
Grow also our love of God Almighty,
Tend flowers and plants in the yard
And assemble a variety of animal pets

Have you seen the sun rise?
I shall take you to the lands
Where the the golden wheat grow
And the climes where men watch the deer

I dream about you,
Though I discipline my mind
It strays back to your memories
Your smiles, your face, your sweetness

I will draw your name on the beach sands
And scare the white waters from washing it off
Let me make you see the wild Nature,
What we can be, just you and I

I care for you,
Fighting the world, my very self
Dragging the pen over my paper
Writing your name in pure ecstacy

Let me remind you of my love,
Never look down to the strength of this
For lo, I kill my pride and ego
And for loving you I do not understand why

At the end of it all
I want you to hold my pen, look in my eyes
Put down all we can do or be together and,
Never forget with me you can be unlimited

By Oke Iroegbu

Finance Graduate, Bibliophile and Bard of Ovim, his hometown. Read more at

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