Muse: A love poem

Your love sinqs for my heart
It shoves and kisses my hair in sleep
Blowinq sweet fragrance into my eyes
Smiling in a pout when my eyes open

Your love brightens my dark nights
It plays on my muse all day
And draws my curtain from its place
To let the golden sun rays flush in

Your love pulls my ships sails
Dragging my slumber with fierce care
Letting the Heavens blue clouds show
And letting my flags fly high!

Your love has changed my views
Giving me a sight beyond the horizon
Now the dusts of the ground mean a lot
The birds of the air say even more

Now your love proves it all
It feels like the flowing of the spring water
Rushing thru peebles on rocks
In joyful haste and pure ectasy

Written for a loved one.

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