In the morning
Where all dreams are born
Through the late night slumber
Of lightnings, cold rains and thunder
He sends us Heavenly calm
Which is our balm

The clouds bring forth the rain
And the same harbors the sun
It rains, our clay gets softened
Breaking the mounds we made
It shines, our greens sprout
Letting the happy bean out

In the ‘noon
Comes the sun
The grey clouds become golden
Heavens warmth come to men
Both faun and flora rejoice
Amazed at the Lords grace

Men go about seeking bread
The Plains are tilled
The streams run across the border
Giving plenty of fresh water
The cows give milk to the thirsty
The land is full of corn and honey

In the evening
Comes scents of household dining
As the hamlets lamplights go out
And all quietness and gloom come about
Yet the comfort of the airs, are now milder
Because life was made to praise Jehovah!

And when we sit about tonight
As coal burns to bring us warmth
As the woods burn and sigh
We sing praises to Jehovah El-Shaddai
And in all time and mood
Oh Lord, You have been so good

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