Green Fields

Green fields abound on Earth
The skies are dark blue
When the clouds are full with rain
The smiles on your face are red
When loved ones come around
The sun is a yellow ball
Shining and lighting the world
The King prides in purple
He is the sovereign of the land

Green is food, green is life
Green is the citadel of hope
For all cute crickets and worms
Green feeds the Earth,
She thrives on our love
But Green is harmless
It lets everyone have a taste of her
She hides on rocky terrains
She falls from the waterfalls
She paints the gruesome world
With her hue and beautiful shed
Green is in you, because Life is green

And here we are staring at the world
With patches of life, here and there
From a grassland filled with grazing cattle
Savoring the taste of green!

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