A Muse: The Corn and The Beetle

One day a black beetle
Sat amused at the sight
Of her neighbour from her tree shed
“Oh how awful you look”
She would say, grinning
“You werent like this
Some few months ago!”
“How do I look?”
The Corn asked blushing
“You look stalky, long and hairy
I dont like hairy guys!”
“Well we dont make
Ourselves do we fair lady?”
The Hairy Corn asked
She had decided to ignore him

But when the harvest had come
And the men move about picking
The Corn heads on the fields
And the tree was cut to let
The tractors move in
The little beetle saw how much
She had missed the hairy Corn

By Oke Iroegbu

Finance Graduate, Bibliophile and Bard of Ovim, his hometown. Read more at

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