Dreams from the Front

African Images, Proverbs, Poetry, Stories & Thoughts

The joy I left here with has gone
It has grown wings and I knew not
The direction of its flight
Am terrified, I have no stories to tell anymore

Each time a memory of holding your hands
Comes to me, drops of tears roll down
I can’t look into your face now
You would know how much I desire to see you

Oh lest I forgot this time, please
Give my little ones these kisses
Tell them that all will be well
That God willing I shall return to them

I missed it and all of you
We are fed to the soil all day
Toiling for blood, for vanity
I wasn’t sure I would do this again

A day without a bloody sight
Then that would be some restful day
We claim brave, we drink rum
Sincerely I feel like running away

But then if by next season

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