The TimeWalker

I was the boy
Hairy, impatient, hopeful
A grandson of a great farmer
A veteran and a warrior
Hewn out of strong wills
Killing one eyed bugs
Fearing not man or beast
Eating the grains of the field
And the sweet Bees honey

I was the boy
Living ten thousand years ago
That walked the empty streets
Infested by dusts and droughts
Cladding a ragged cloth
Baking in the hot sun
Minding not stray barking dogs
I was the boy
Aware of the dying Earth
Of cannibal islands, and kings
Of all dangerous places
The depths of the Ocean blue
The lifeless deserts
The Triangle at Bermuda
And the cold Antarctica

I was the boy
Standing under the Baobab
Waving goodbye to the setting Sun
On his journey back to Slumber
Smiling with all my might
Watching the Egrets march
With the Wildebeest
Wondering, thinking, believing

I was the boy
Fighting in the Great War
Blackened out now and then
By the wild boom
Of the French metal canons
Fearing neither blood nor gun
Traversing the fields with the face
Smeared of grease and blood

I was the man
Living in modern cities
Picking exotic flowers
Walzing all over the town
Eating the ripe Plums
A hopeful, a grateful man
Loving both God and Nature

And now you just met me

By Oke Iroegbu

Finance Graduate, Bibliophile and Bard of Ovim, his hometown. Read more at

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