Musing: Strange Loneliness

One creaky windy night,
By the house near the riverside
Stood a tree, solemn and queer
Standing like a sword wielding knight
Posing to take a decisive blow
Bending on strange parts, different
The branches full of green algae,
Stood like the muscles of Hercules
And its rough body smeared with sap
Patches of a thousand different hue
Decorate the trees huge body
Few leaves hang around it
No flower, no seed, no not a fruit
Perhaps no thought of making any
All wonder what tree stays so gay
Glaring alone up to the mild sky
Enjoying the thrill of loneliness
The roots crisscross like a woven basket
A safe haven for sinister cronies
The grasses around it are heavy thorns
A barge of poison mushrooms groom
And tender their young beneath the tree roots
All about a gross sight it was
The neighbors say the tree was a spirit
That it laughed in some nights
A self amusing sort of merriment
The echoes of such laughter
In stir in people a mood of fear
An unwholesome mood to stay away
From all the beauty living in others
Insecurity, uncertainty, self rejection- oh fear
Not wanting any touch of others lives
Perhaps maybe the tree shall repent
And then the sweet goodness of others
May find its bosom worthy of abode

By Oke Iroegbu

Finance Graduate, Bibliophile and Bard of Ovim, his hometown. Read more at

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