Musing: Strange Loneliness

One creaky windy night,
By the house near the riverside
Stood a tree, solemn and queer
Standing like a sword wielding knight
Posing to take a decisive blow
Bending on strange parts, different
The branches full of green algae,
Stood like the muscles of Hercules
And its rough body smeared with sap
Patches of a thousand different hue
Decorate the trees huge body
Few leaves hang around it
No flower, no seed, no not a fruit
Perhaps no thought of making any
All wonder what tree stays so gay
Glaring alone up to the mild sky
Enjoying the thrill of loneliness
The roots crisscross like a woven basket
A safe haven for sinister cronies
The grasses around it are heavy thorns
A barge of poison mushrooms groom
And tender their young beneath the tree roots
All about a gross sight it was
The neighbors say the tree was a spirit
That it laughed in some nights
A self amusing sort of merriment
The echoes of such laughter
In stir in people a mood of fear
An unwholesome mood to stay away
From all the beauty living in others
Insecurity, uncertainty, self rejection- oh fear
Not wanting any touch of others lives
Perhaps maybe the tree shall repent
And then the sweet goodness of others
May find its bosom worthy of abode


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