Shift from Professionalism to Creativity

Why do musicians, actors and comedians earn more than medical doctors, bankers, accountants and the rest of them professionals? Sometimes, what an active musician earns in a month is much greater than what an average doctor earns in a year! Even, they count in hard currency, I mean the entertainers. Why is this so?

Will it be that the world is shifting from professionalism to creativity.

So what’s new?
Then, if you are a taxi driver, this means you can add more life to your work by trying out new ways of satisfying your customers. Timeliness, politeness, curtsey, saying no to wrong offers in a kind and humble manner and even trying picking your frequent customers free a times! A cake maker, should try new styles daring cake styles which might never ever had been in existence. What of a cake with a fountain and cakey birds swimming about it? What people don’t really get to know is that being creative needs no schooling. Yes, schooling adds up too, but creativity comes natural. Can you try to open your own school somewhere in a rural setting with no or little academic presence? Or yet write a stupid story which who knows might be what the world has been waiting for. You can’t imagine the kind of creative thoughts come to my head. Do you know you can float a flower planting firm? You can sell anything even sand, gum, used paper, toys, candle, hair etc. Tell me what you can’t do, and I shall tell you what you can do.

What creativity implies is that you have the spirit of God in you. We were really made in Gods image, tap into your creative genius bank and soar high.

By Oke Iroegbu

Finance Graduate, Bibliophile and Bard of Ovim, his hometown. Read more at

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