Childhood Harmattan

I wonder why I miss the harmattan
Why it is yet to come
Why it stays in his cloak
Shy and letting the rain bully him

I miss the smell of dust cakes
And our delay in burning the grasses
So I can see the fumes dance to meet the sky
And why we ‘stay’ to harvest the Cassava
And their stems piled in a corner
I miss the catfish infested streams of Ovim
The wake-up call of my rooster
And my joy in feeding them from my fingers

I miss when I feel I was hardworking
When a straying farm snake I slayed
And the thoughts that I had after that

I miss those scary little vampires
Strange mosquitoes that eat on daylights
That stays when the sun lights the earth
But are happy once the sunsets.

I miss watching those kids kick leather
in dry, dusty noon of Xmas
Laughing as they played
And I thought I was from the past…

I vividly recall the feelings of Christmas. The preparation, the stress and the excitement that accompanied the Yuletide.

Study Question.
What are the primary figures of speech rampant here?


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