My Lover

The wind let my ship rock
But you commandeered my heart
My sails are up in the sky
The flag of love flies desperately

Now you lay beside my weak bones
Cuddling me, through my shyness
We whisper and talk slowly
While the woods sigh in the chimney

In the waking morning
You are my sunshine
In the cold nights
You are my moon light

The stars glitter when we watch together
And when you pout and smile
Raising your hands to show a star
I am left in sudden wonder

You pull my hair slowly
And sing strange songs you wrote
The pains of the days strife
Is soothed away from me

The tales I tell you make you sleepy
I wake you with a soft thrust of the hair
The smile upon your face warm my heart
And the sleepy calmness of you on me brings joy

And when the evening get darker
And all about quietness comes
But for the tongues of fire licking the wood
We stay in each others arms


Muse: Out in the Sunshine

Once out in the sunshine
We happen to see wonderful things
Things strange and old
Things new and rare

We feel the warmth
The scorch of the Sun
And the Heavens shower
On our light and fair skin

Dawn approaches and I will miss you
Your warmth, the heat and your embrace
Though the high skies had gone home
I shall wait to see your face again