Love and Christianity Pastoral

You all, my Valentine…

You’re very special to me and I love you 💓💕😘.

Happy Valentine.


folklore Nature Pastoral Poetry

Your Smile

Your smiles are good therapy, they tickle my soul
It takes me to great heights of love and brings me joy
When you smile, you remind me of the rose flower,
The parting of your red lips, a memory to cherish

In your beautiful warm smile I find unspoken love,
It showed me untold and revered blessedness
And says much about you that I never knew
But in all, your smiles are exotic, healing to my eyes

Africa Love and Christianity Nature Pastoral Poetry


Hallo everyone! It’s Valentine. I wish you all a happy Lover’s Day. The essence of our humanity is love.

I like to ask a favour from everyone. Can you join me to show the less privileged love today (and beyond)? Let’s give out our old cloths and furniture, anything you can think of. I will do my part from this side. Let’s paint the world with love.

Love… 💙💚💝💜💛

Have a great weekend 😊👋


When there was love

When there was love, I saw the clouds
Clear like the sweet spring water
Leaping, joyfully from rocks,
Falling, washing pebbles white,
And rushing to feed unknown lands


A duel inside

Most duels are fought without,
Some, more important, in us,
What kills is that element of doubt…
Let us unravel the journey first!
I wait, hoping for a smile from you Its not that hard, if you give it a try,
I know you have battled pain,
I know your dreams were always high!
Let me play the clown a while,
Let me journey on and try,
Wipe away your tears and see, Its just not worthwhile to cry!
I cry too…often hidden from sight
We are all here, in this plight!

Written by a good friend Arunav Barua…



I am sharing this love with you little one
I find no words to express my joy
My attachment to you
The whole world revolves around this:
The way I feel about you

Being far away from home. With my lil cousin @ Ovim- We share the same first name.