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Muse: The Happy Wind

Poem: The Happy Wind

Greet the happy wind,
Tell him when I waved
My fingers got him bursted

When morning dew is upon the tree line
The sky is sometimes blue and grass is green
Far up the blue horizon the sun shine

Birds sing from the trees all morning
Yet the happy wind: timid and soft will bring
Her entourage to fly on their backs and wings

I open my curtains and window to feel and behold
The beautiful sight of trees, grass and happy wind
A perfect picture never to be imagined

Explaining the painting

This is the first in my paint-writing attempt. I like to paint and then write about the inspiration behind it. I’ve several imperfect drawings and paintings scattered here and there. Some are on the internet, some in the drawer, some under piles of books and others lost.

This is a painting of three palm trees under the hot sun, cloudy skies and strong wind. It may look like grasses on vases but on closer observation will reveal that it’s a view of the horizon. Initially I thought of featuring the Iroko as its greatness will play a better role on the little poem above. But the Iroko is perceived as a great tree and the king of trees in West Africa and it’s not common to see one. Three Iroko trees standing together will even be a bit of stretched imagination.

The bulk of work fell on determining the best layout for the skies. I’m sure no one can define perfectly any natural colour and infact those of the cloud. It will take more than human ingenuity or imagination to achieve that. So no painting can illustrate natural things exactly. Painters just assume. It might be sunny and the clouds blue, it might be rainy and it won’t. I made the passing clouds look like the skies by mixing two blue-based hues. But this is my own version of what the clouds look like.

What do you think? I’ll be doing more painting this weekend. It’s a beautiful morning here. Have a great weekend. ❤️💚

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View from my Backyard

Beware! There’s a furry ninja lurking in the shadows of this tree! Like when you see him in this slow-mo vid.

The trees here are home to many squirrels and birds and it’s just at my backyard! I have known these squirrels since I was a kid. This morning I patiently waited to watch them exercise.

My camera couldn’t capture the background hills exactly. I live up a hill, so it’s hard to capture a hill from a hilltop. I can never get enough of this view.

Ututu oma! Unu mere anwunu? Good morning. Hope everyone is fine. I’m returning to town today.

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How I see trees

It’s grandeur how trees culture mushrooms,
Gathering all little termites to themselves
And providing their needs of shelter and food
Their branches are playground for monkeys and flies,
They shed leaves which serve as bed for worms below
Birds nest and sing from the farthest of leaves,
Squirrels hide and seek, throwing nuts at strangers
For man; they are food, shelter and warmth
Their roots are seats for weary travelers
Their fruits are snacks for playing children
And when they breath out, they give life to all


Trees are important members of our community, therefore shouldn’t be taken for granted. Trees play a vital role in our world.

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The African Palm Tree

The palm tree is one of the strongest trees in the world. In tropical Africa, this plant grow wild, though it’s now cultivated.

In Igbo land, the leaves, barks and roots is used to produce different kinds of medicine. The boiled seeds serve as food and the oil is used for cooking. The wood is strong enough for building and other carpentry work. The kernel oil when extracted is used by cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies. In the countryside, parts of the tree is used for fuel and the tree leaves used as brooms. The roots when mixed with other herbs heal ailments ranging from Malaria to Typhus. From the tree leaves to its roots, we can see that the palm tree is important. No part of this plant is ever wasted in Africa!

Red oil, as it is commonly called, is the most popular cooking oil in Nigeria. At one time, palm oil was a major export for Nigeria.

Studies have shown that storms and strong winds do not have enough power to break, or even uproot a palm tree!

Why the tree may not be popular in temperate and other climates, its traditional relevance and usefulness to tropical West Africa can’t be overemphasized. This crop is a symbol of endurance and strength.

Now a friendly advice from an African: be like the palm tree.

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Let us take a Walk


 Now let us take a walk through the pine forest

Through the shed which the forest provides

Through the pathway where the leaves form a cushion

Through the place where the squirrels make an abode

And the darkness of the shrubs a shed from the noon

Come let us take a walk through the lands where wheat grow

Where our eyes will meet the wonders of mother Nature,

Through the lands where fine green forests stay

Through gardens of tulips and roses and the Jacaranda

And where the streams flow towards the estuary

Let us take a walk through lands where men keep flowers

And when they blossom they pick them for the ladies

And the happy ladies dance to the love of the men

And when they dance they turn to smile showing fine teeth

Hoping for more flowers as they twist and turn

Come let us take a walk through my minds eyes

Let us write a story of our very own imaginations

Let us walk the path which no other human ever walked

Come let us give life to stories of lands far away

And lands where the sun rise with her golden entourage

Let us take a walk through the fields called love

And drink of the elixir which heals all pains

Let us take a walk through Gods word and grace

Through sincerity and purpose, through care and humanity

And hope that planes drop cucumbers and not bombs!

Come let us take a walk through fields of wheat

Let us gather the snails and slugs with a rake

Let us make fun of the things which stay around

And when the nights come to our moments

Let us sit to warm ourselves on a fire on the field

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The Tree leaves fall

Permit me a sec before reading this piece.

I am pained to see the world destroy green life, I feel the grieve of these wonderful creatures, I feel even worse knowing I might not be able to save all the trees from the cruelty of my own kind. You all know that the trees are our best companion on Earth. Destroying them for some purposes, both reasonable and unreasonable can be our own undoing. These trees supply us with our very own air of vitality (oxygen), so please can we imagine a world without trees and say no to injustice meted on this fair companions of ours? I am taking this time to write this piece in dedication to all trees and green life, to all who see the need to protect trees and make efforts to save them.


Can you see the green leaves fall

When the tree logs fell,

Behind your window or right in your garden,

By the side of your garage or on the park nearby?

The leaves fall quietly from the trees

They fall solemnly, quietly

Swinging from a branch to another

Joyfully, weightlessly, 

Not discerning why it had to fell

 Not discerning the fault of the real world

But admiring the darkening world

And sharing in her downfall a tear

But a falling tree leaf never signify our downfall

But what will a million tree leaves look like

When they fall from the skies,

Happily admiring the dark Earth

Which we live, love and crave?

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The Palm Tree

I wonder why it is called a tree
Yet she is dressed like a masquerade
With thorny arms raised to deliver a blow
And fins to wade thru a turbulent storm

Dangerous as she looks,
She is quietly harmless
Swerving from one wind to another
She enjoy the attention of the airs

When there is a heavy storm
She guides the little shrubs
When the sun shine bright
She takes also much heat

She stand, tall and fixated…
Breaking the wind surge
Wearing a grim apparition
One of piety and grace

She possesses queer tentacles
Which come as green leaves
Growing a shade of shadows
For every thing which seek refuge

The tree is both benevolent to man and wild
Dancing to the tune of both commanders
She gives her fruits as food and snack
And the leaves and barks are vegetables

So this person called the Palm
Is more than a tree.
In parts of lands below the Tropics
We can say she is part of the culture

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Five Poems

The wind grows soft and dry
It passes messages fast forgotten
For in its speed, it is lost
The pines whistle, men stay to listen

When the fruits fall off the trees
It thunders upon the quiet ground
And little stray ants wonder
If the world had come to an end

If Grapes ever had loved
The thought would be, but who?
Would it be the strange sops
Or the ever table-sitting red tomato?

If the Sun stays late to rise
The clouds turn solemn and sad
And when I ponder on the gloom
I understand the plight of the world

If metals I and friends are to be
Gold, silver, variants all certain
Diamonds glittering in the pitch dark
An abstract I shall become behind the curtain


Some Tales of the Wildwoods 2


There’s a land behind those hills
Covered in the forest
A green foliage; brushes and roots
All the time the Clouds are blue
And the king of the Forest
Do fall in love with it
When the cloud blushes
It rains softly; mildly
And the little creatures
Which live in the land
Look up to the smiling Forest king
‘Oh, see how handsome his face is’
A little dark Cricket said
‘He is really in love with the Cloud
But we don’t understand
Why she always refuses
To love the Forest king back!’
A group of Pigeons answered
‘I tell you that she is possessed
Who should resist the Forest king?’
The Wolf added, as he looked up
‘The Forest king hadn’t said anything yet
All he does is to stare and smile
How awfully awful!’
Some Pine trees whined
‘If for nothing but admiration
Is the reason to love
I choose not to love’
The philosophical Woodpecker concluded.

This is a part of the first poem written earlier on 5th August. Nice reading to you, and I hope you enjoy it.

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Musing: Loneliness

A writers love is like a tree
On a lonely roadside
With no one to feel
Or to sooth away some pain
When the tree waves
The leaves about on calm winds
It says a lot
But it is lonely
And when the stubborn storms
Shove it about, to and fro
It stands but broken inside
With one more hope to spare
But love; love itself is strange
It has made the best tales
Loneliness, has wandered far
Giving only desire to the desirous
The love one seeks
Lays inside of that
Which brings joy upon ones heart
And smiles upon others faces

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Maker of Poetry

Now poetry had it all
A way of life, dreams and fancy
When we wake, it sings
At bedtime it comes around
In the fields, in the airs
On the back of the Camels
On automobiles on the streets
It is on the food we eat
Can you hear it pray ‘eat me?’
The fishes knows about it
The ants do too
The Orange color is it
The Sky cut in blue and white bits
A song from the Scottish pipe
A strange lifestyle, though awesome
The Streams running hastily over pebbles
The Ducks sitting quietly over a quiet pond
The dark nights and the fiery growls of Wolves
The green woodlands of the Earth
The blue Whales horn
A crickets screech of cold
A dancing happy child
Oh, even a sad moan
But poetry tells it all
The roar of the Lionesses
Prowling the Veldt
Touregs, culture and humanity
A strong rendition, a choirs
A thought, a drawing, a painted one
The Zulu chant of victory
Over brewed mqobothi
Oh poetry was made for all!
The seeds of the Oil Bean
Dance about during the sky-fall
An Iroko on her prime length
Lets her branches romance the Cloud
The infants clog about the clay soil
The winds that traverses the Earth
The minute lifes in the Forests
The talkative green feathered parrot
Lakes serene tales and songs
Trees, of ancient poets
Waterfalls obscure voices
The Saharas whistling wind
Poetry knows it all
It is in everyone
Instrumentals play in my head
A poem thankful to God
Maker of man, Nature and poetry

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Under the Baobab

Tonight we will sit under the Baobab
To scratch each others back
And we shall let all the children
Gather about us, happily

Tonight the moon shall visit us
With his smiles and dimples
And a tale shall be told
With all sleepy eyes listening

Tonight the squirrels will listen
As we tell of great deeds
Of far away white beached islands
With all shells and corals

Tonight the airs shall be light
It shall sooth off the pains
That came with our days farm work
And all that will be history

Tonight the crickets shall sing
With all the voices they could muster
The fireflies shall wobble about
Lighting our faces now and then

Tonight the night is dark
The arms of loved ones around
Companionship and all we want
So close by to us

Tonight we shall dance
We shall forget the days troubles
We shall laugh as we swerve around
And all will be absolutely well

Tonight I shall be on my paper
I shall let my pen and mind travel
And a smile is so welcomed
From under the arms of the Baobab


Another Musing

The air blows out there
And it shoves my friend around
Here, a cricket calls out mildly
Thru its dark hidden caves
And light moths congregate on my lamp dancing excitedly
Forgetting too soon the dangers of the lamps prisoner
There’s no moon tonight
The clouds were usually quiet
Now and again, the Wind bullies all
My neighbor, the green Plantain tree
Stood solitary, waving its leaves
And all the time happy
When the airs caress her
It is not cold as much
But the loneliness is cold

Can you imagine the Earth
With all flowers and trees
And all sweet fruits and nuts
One for you and one for me?


A Tale of the Trees

Tonight, it is airy
And I can hear voices
I heard the Pine trees whisper
To all trees, Baobabs, Oaks; and the bald Owl
A tale of the nights
With the Moon on guard
The Wild Plums struggling to stay awake
To hear the tale of the trees
‘Listen brethren, I get a tale’
The chief Pine bride began
‘Once a time ago
We were very good friends
With all humans, black, white
We play together, we eat together
We feed men and they defend us
They protect us and it was brotherly
Then a Star fell from above
And man followed this Star
They totally forgot about us
And then one day
Man returned; with metals
And my fathers fathers father saw them
With such ire destroyed many of our folks’
Believe me, many trees wept
‘What do they gain destroying us?’
An Apple tree asked
‘I love their kids, I let them play about me
And I throw them fruits to eat’
‘Me too,’ ‘Me three!’ Trees yelled
‘Well, seems we are lesser beings
But in me there’s life!’
A tall fat Mahogany said
‘Let’s hope they forgive us
If our appearance on Earth
Causes them some discomfort’
The Pine tree concluded solemnly
And now the little fauns felt pity
The Moon itself stood motionless
And it was really a heart cold night

To all wonderful life giving trees. SAVE THE TREES, SAVE OUR LIVES!

©Oke’ Iroegbu.