Teach me to Love you again

For our love’s memory
I cherish your love dose,
Your care and your beauty,
Each time the swift sun rose
Gracefully, I recall our hopes…

But the candle light dwindles
And I miss you, now that it faints

Teach me to love you again
Embrace me when I fail;
The hugs, cuddling, I’ll relearn-
For this promise won’t go ill
And our efforts won’t flop…

Now genuine affection will rekindle
Our fire, slowly we’ll retake all we lost


Muse: Teach me

Lay me by the side of the brook,

Closer to the brown colored rocks

Make me see the waters tumble over

So teach me how to be your lover


It’s World Teacher Day


Teachers create a civilization through their every day activities. Now by teachers I mean everybody who give out knowledge to others in any way or any form, not just the school teachers. I know someone out there will agree with me that teachers are awesome. I might not write a loving poetry to tell you how wonderful you teachers are but I like to use this opportunity to appreciate you all and share some love to you via my blog. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, you deserve more than apples.