Crowns, kings and queens,

Great men and women

Purple with royalty,

With greater authority

Over greying cities

And Nature’s dying beauties

Can we crown a Daffodil

And close all carbon deals?

Can we plant forests

In our modern cities?

Can we let the fragrance of roses

Cling to the corners of our buildings?

Crowns, kings and queens

Those with which we either lose or win,

Go green with royalty

And greater authority

To protect the forest

And all that dwell in it


Make me a crown of fauns and the flora

So my beautiful Nature, I can rule over



We live in the realities of global warming, in polluted atmosphere and hydrosphere and in growing human cold and selfishness. I hope our ‘crowns’ do more to save the Earth from dying.


Global warming

Now if I have traveled with the wind
And seen some parts of the world
I would stop at warring cities to preach peace
Stand under the tree to watch leaves fall quietly
And there to hold hands that sink with pain
Bring every shelter I may find so that love may gain
On the faces of crying infants I will paint
Clowns that will on their faces smiles plant
I will sow seeds that will blossom into huge trees
Feed my song to them, tell about the greying skies
How the glaciers melt and the rivers flood,
How the earth quake while carbons burn
So if I ever travel with the wind
This will be my song, save the world!


Life is green

Life is green
She goes beyond the hustle bustle
Of towns
Of great machines

Life is the flock
Away from human want