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Another Evening Storm with the Rainmaker

… And there’s another rainstorm brewing over this town tonight. Out in the cold street, light bulbs glow here and there, but meshed in grim embrace of darkness itself. I feel the wind lick the skin on my forearm when I hold the curtain to see the rainstorm. There’s a strange but sweet smell, of caked dust mixing with the rain.

My door is thrown ajar, my curtains sail like a mast on a Pirate ship. I lay on the bed, dreams are not so far off.

A Little More Prodding, Dear Rain…‘ You won’t understand, of course. I’ve a special connection with the rain. Now I hear the host of Heaven, rain gathering from afar. Crashing into the glass windows and throwing my neighbours’ household into frenzy. Rooftops are the rain’s crazy drum and she plays on them softly.

Listen, Dear Rain… Go On, Pound The Earth, Beat Your Drums...’ Aha! A call from an Aunt confirms that it rains Cats and Dogs in Ovim, my hometown and as I said earlier on I’m preparing to travel home tomorrow. Can’t you see? The rain is cleaning up the streets and roads, here and home for my return. Haha, I read meanings too deep but this is me, simple things thrill me. But honestly, I do think that I’m a rain maker.

Good night everyone.

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Guess what!

Heaven’s tummy is rumbling! There’s some comfort from Heaven finally! It’s been hot since weekend, coupled with the Covid-19 issue, life has been solitary. Now it’s raining heavily outside! I’m seconds away from dancing in it but the lightning is frightening. I smell the wet dust. I’m sure mushrooms will visit tomorrow, haha. The breeze is flirting with my candle light and dancing with the curtains. The candle light draws a strange shadow over me. What a feeling! A joyful one, an escape from the heat.

This rain is a consolation and an answer to a prayer. Let’s see tomorrow. Good night.

Nature Poetry

Dance in the Rain

Let’s dance in the rain
Throw our worries to the wind
Raise your hands
And dodge my water blow,
Gather the rain water
Return my punch
Let this flow turn to dance

When clouds gather
That’s a great sign-
It must be the rain!
Or the comely evening
But let’s wait,
If it’s the rain’s herald
Will you dance with me?

Now the wind has come
Flirty-distracting breeze
First drop and another,
A little storm and showers
Yet, I’m King of the rain fight
And I’ll make you my Queen
If you would dance with me


Night rains

Darkened clouds bark with dogs
When surging winds sweep through
The hamlet and nearby forest
Flying rain drops turn deep bass
Blowing out the sticky candle light,
Wrestling with tree branches, shaking window frames
Twisting away, undressing tied curtains
As the rain drops play on the glass
Ghostly lightning snap across the skies
Creating alien signatures on the dark night
So the hamlet enjoy their peaceful sleep
When mountain cold blow down the valley


Muse: The rains and wet clay

The smell of clay when wet

Brings the feeling of life

When heavy rains come

The community is overjoyed

And so the dry earth wakes

With it, life becomes excited!

The clouds turn dark

As the rain grow stronger-

With a great storm imminent

The rain drops gather,

Tripping happily into the big pots


Musing: Countryside 




I am hidden in the thickly wooded forest land

Tucked away in a pocket of land in the countryside

Green paradise, constantly drenched in the Rain; 

The august visitor, which comes when she wills;

And desires to make the clouds dark, the day solemn

To keep the warmth from all the hamlet, farm and hill


The sun is hidden above the tree leaves and branches 

Underneath the woods; life goes on, life continues

The airs are sweet, amazing, a healing surge

Fires are made to keep the treacherous cold away

In clear contrast of it all, heat or cold, not to dodge

Admonitions, words, messages are never to go astray

For the countryside can be a darling or a demon 

A companion or a disaster, with or without

Tucked away in a pocket of land in the countryside

Just underneath the woods; life goes on, life continues 


Remind me of the Rain

Remind me of the Rain

When it came crashing down
Upon the peaceful and mild Earth

Remind of the run…

The dances we do in the storm
The fun we had when we could

Remind me of this natural shower

The taste of water straight from Heaven
Of the feeling of oneness with mother Nature


Nature’s Ride

Crisscross, up and down
Gross side, rise and fall

The greens shine in the sun

Blur skies when it will
Sweet breezes, morning fragrances

Upon the fine Clement weather,

Daring birds plunge to catch the fishes

In all, Nature is left in her wonder


African Tradition: Calling upon the African rain storm

‘The land is hungry, so are my words…
Let’s make it rain… Let’s flood the dry earth and let the ink flow again!’

Now I seek to hear the sound of the rain fall
Yes let it rumble through the clouds
Like the stomach of a child about to purge
The vegetations here attest to the growing might
The stars are gone, gone out of the human sight
But this strange wind is not ordinary, it is the rain!

And when it rain, let it flood the drought lands
Let it fill everybodies pots, drums and calabashes
Let it water every sick vegetable all over the globe
Let it feed the cattle and wildlife everywhere on Earth
Let it fall and refresh the dying world
And let some rain dampen the ground on which we walk
In the morning we shall see a new seed sprout!

The tent doors shake with the coming wind
Here comes the might of the heavy rain herself
She twist and turns, hovers and manoevres, up and down
The great emissary of this rain; the wind plays about

Let me feel the smooth airs that come with it
Let me feel the wingless surge of the breeze
Let me feel the sweet whisper and kiss of mother Nature
Let the rooftop play me a fanciful drum of many beats
As my eyes close quietly, let a heavy rain fall!

Now I make the rain fall, wait and listen to it!


In Africa and some other parts of the globe, men are known to make rain fall. It is a craft which some have used for selfish reasons or for the general good of the clan.

This is purely imagined piece.


it’s about to rain

Now here goes the first rain and wind storm of September…

And it came like a quarel
Throwing punches
Holding each others throat and
Blowing thru their fury noses

On their path, they throw fine sand around
Pulling the weak rooftops about
Now the clouds blacken with each provocation
The rain beat down like pellets
Raising a unique smell of dry clay
The wind stayed for a while
Rehearsing or renewing her strength
Or has she lost the battle yet?


The Rainmakers Tale: Tradition

Give me some rain,
Take away the present situation
Let the wind bid me warn again
Give me rain, dear Heaven!

Let if flood the browned farmlands
Let it refresh the waters of the ponds
And the hards rocks upon the dry Earth
Let the hamlet be full of the wet clay salt

The Heavens will rumble
I summon the East winds
I knee before the passing clouds
I hear the aves call out loud

I summon thee Wind from afar
And She quietly comes binding alas
It throws the heavy mighty doors ajar
And what a rain that must fall, aa-hah!

The clear clouds are darkened
The firmaments are blackened
There is a powerful surge of wind,
To the East where it always stayed

On such evenings when all is weak and wiery
When the rain falls on this hamlet, hurriedly
My long candle lights become crimson with fury
As my light-grey curtains dance in sheer frenzy

So right now I am standing,
I stand beneath the falling rains
I chose to, for it is my special calling
And I thank Heaven for this blessing!


Musing: I wonder

I wonder if it was a crime to love
Or yet a sin to even try at all;
But then memories sift into time
Amazed to the worlds littleness,
The world seeks after lust
A shrug I must to this vanity
To love oneself is true happiness
But as the nights turn to days
And the days into past memories
It comes to me that love ain’t for everybody
I will continue to try to love others, genuinely
As God has loved me…

I feel absolutely nothing right now…


Natures Music

“I hear the strong sound of drums
Come from lands far, far away
Music living up the hills and slums
Down to the seaside by the bay”

The call of the birds flying home
As Darkness unfolds her cloak on the Earth
The choir of frogs across the little pond
Singing and croaking out their hearts
The sweet wind that blows hard
When the clouds thunder and rain
Victoria Lake and her lively waterfalls
With Natures own strings and bows
The wailing of Mangabeys and Partridges
In the African wilderness of the Veldt
Sahara in the sun and her sand storms
The laugh of the Hyena and drunk men
And the whistling of the Pine trees
On romantic and strongly airy nights

Mother Nature plays her strange music
And she plays for those who care to listen


The Winds Tale: A call of the Hills

The call of the hills…
On a night dark as pitch

We stay listening to the swooshing trees

And the strange call up the hills…

A tornado of wind come surfing down

Pushing the brushes and woods apart

Sending both man, child and pets scrambling

Tall and strong wild palms bend double

Threatening to crush who dare stare

The dark clouds growl like a young lion

Shaking the breadths of the firmaments

The firmaments rumblings shook everyone

Wide eyed infants, the whistling pine and the Owl

The dogs bark and hide behind their kennels

Tethered farm animals shriek with fear

The cold came, and with such a surge!

It wooed the candle light

Which danced with such excitement

But the Rain never came

The Rain was locked out

Today was not his own day

A night as such as this

A windy tale to be told
An inspiration hewn down the hill
From up the dark firmaments of the night

From the hills of an African hamlet…


Lullaby: The Rain on the Roof

The nights cloud is ripe
Full of Heavens dew to give
Rain drops on our faces to wipe
And to our beds warmth we cleave


Lullaby: Light rains

Tonight it showers outside
Dark clouds all over the skies
And a very strong wind
Forcing itself thru the windows
Pushing the cotton curtains away
While a light rain falls
Not a sound is heard
But a swooshing wind
And some pat-pattering
Of stray raindrops
Falling on the pavements outside
And some, boldly on the windows
The night is cold
The wind is busy
And the rain is here
My bed calls me
And there we must go


The Warmth of Life

To my love
My hearts desire

My heart dances when it rains
But the heat, the warmth I miss
The trees wave all about the land
And the white sea water rush-
All foaming towards the earths frontier
How pretty they are,
How perfectly made

The network of blue clouds
Passing in a solitary march
Across the vast horizon
Pulling the winds with them
Hanging a shadow above us
Giving warmth, hope and love

Look at the sun when mild
Stare at the lake, solemn
Walk through the yellow fields of Wheat
On a valley, built by the rocks
Let the young calves nibble hay from your palms
And feel Natures awesomeness

If the Golden sun stays
And all morning we stand
At the windows side
Wishing and praying for it
All believing that the sun rises quick
Bringing all life back to its feet
And the cold melting away from the earth

The warmth of life
Giving to us by God

Oiroegbu Halls


Cold Nights

A drop of the rain outside
Another, and then a shower
It is very cold here; lonely
And my thoughts wander about
And I wonder what goes on your beautiful mind
I missed it all
The cold touches my bones
Shivering from all of the touch
Clutching my feathery pillows
It’s a perfect monster weather
And all that is missing is you