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Draw the sun


Draw the sun and paint your dreams

Believe in the little you do, hope for the best

Connect to your mind, live your dream!

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Green and red leaves may fall
When spring sing from tree tops
And blue skies are her muse

Africa folklore lifestyle Nature Pastoral

Lullaby: Breezy Night

Breezy nights are fun,
Soft air descend,
Caressing the happy curtains,
Flirting with the candle light
And casting a strange shadow
From the pool, the frog choir began
Preparing for their procession
Yet this night is very young
So I wait for the coming rain
And her wonderful lullabic songs

Africa Nature Pastoral Poetry

A shepherd’s song

There’s a song known only to a shepherd,
When evenings come and the sun light fade
He sits with his sheep in the barnyard
And plays the guitar through the early night
Hounds howl, but his lyrics reassures his flock
Stars gather across the sky to listen, he winks at them
And when he retires, he drifts away to happy dreams

Africa Nature Pastoral Poetry


Evening breezes are swift lullaby
From the distance
Burning grasses sigh
Bats, owls hover above
Tiny insects welcome a starry night
Crickets quiz themselves
While the mantis scavenge for a bite
Still this airy night is very young

Nature Pastoral

How I see trees

It’s grandeur how trees culture mushrooms,
Gathering all little termites to themselves
And providing their needs of shelter and food
Their branches are playground for monkeys and flies,
They shed leaves which serve as bed for worms below
Birds nest and sing from the farthest of leaves,
Squirrels hide and seek, throwing nuts at strangers
For man; they are food, shelter and warmth
Their roots are seats for weary travelers
Their fruits are snacks for playing children
And when they breath out, they give life to all


Trees are important members of our community, therefore shouldn’t be taken for granted. Trees play a vital role in our world.

Nature Pastoral Poetry

Shepherd’s poem

From bed of wool, sound of settling sheep bemused him
Far up the night sky, stars want and rain was on her way
These three things blessed the Shepherd’s thoughts and rest

Africa Nature Pastoral Poetry

Haiku: Tides

Sunshine, blue skies and approaching tide
Brown crabs crawl away, walking sideways
Amused egrets follow, escorting their trail


The Shepherds Tale

Lonely stars filled the cloudy night

Crickets quizzed behind the rocks

But the lonely Shepherd stayed awake

Watching the glittering from the star light

Listening to the bleating of sheep, his lullabic songs

Sniffing wet and mild airs that came from the lake

He lays on his soft pillow of wool

Wrapping his arms about his slim self

And wandered off in a fine dream

…to a place where the skies are blue,

And the grasses, green, fine and straight

With flowers; red, pink, orange, cream

The morning welcomes a golden sunshine

The Shepherd prays, dines and leaves his tent 

Through the hole in the barn door he tries to see,

Grinning at the sight of the sheep which was awoken

Quickly, he carefully descends into their midst

Waking the weak and nudging them lovingly

‘Wake, wake’ he calls out, the sheep knew his voice

And it came upon them, another day of feast had come

So in delight, the sheep bleat and head toward the forest

He picks one of his lambs,  his favorite choice

Whistles, sighs and talks to the fine little lamb

Now when the day will go the Shepherd retires to rest

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The Butterfly

See Mother Natures art

See her paintings, black and white

Behold gift of the rising sun,

The wind is a prize to be won

So fly pet of the blue clouds

… skies and the wind

Break forth from the cocoon

Hit the silky walls wide open

Fly away, you pretty butterfly

Travel farther up, up the sky

Make the wind your companion

And the great freedom your own

Shoot into the blue clouds

With much energy and pride

Up the mighty skies you belong,

So spread your creamy wings

Set sail for the unknown North

Fly, fly away and find your warmth


Pastoral: The Shepherd

Aye, he stayed in the vast wild lands alone,
With only the bleating of sheep as his song
And smell of grass and dung as his perfumes
The singing of birds play him sweet hymns
And his friends and companions are mother Natures abundance
Under the trees, he sits to play a song for his wild acquiantance
The sheep listen to his strings, as he sang out loud and patiently waits
The brave ones lay on his foot and look upon the peace on his face
He is unperturbed by the roaring wild beasts
Nor by the treacherous wind that sift about
He smiles to each passing bee or stray wasp
Leaning on a tree, he retires to a little nap
Even in his songs he tells of the far quiet green lands at the bay
And dreamful sheep bleat and hope to get there some day
He laughs heartily, plays some more tunes
Singing of the fine Sycamore and the Prunes

The evening approached the vales shyly
And so the dark night came on swiftly
The shepherd looks up to the setting sun
And then calls out to the sheep all around
It was time to go home for rest
Along the way, he carried a young lamb upon his breast
The night came so fast and so was the walk around the hilly bend
Yet the cold nights has no mercy on them who took refuge in the open
Finally, the sheeps bleat a good night to their weary master
As he locks the barns entrance and prepares to retire

On his bed of wool, he tosses and turns hopefully
The day was long and he after the walk was weary
The night was full of common activities
The cats outside, the swooshing trees and the crickets
But a night of such, he must play on his long strings
And sing songs of lands where there are sweet green lands
With the sheep in the other barn, listening joyfully to the song
Hoping and longing to see this land the shepherd sang of