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Morning Sun

I’m glad to see the rising sun
It tells by sight stories unspoken
And paints my curtain perfect green
Divine love woke me to a new start,
A new life, something to celebrate
When I gather the curtains
To glance through tree lines
And green field glittering in the sun,
The rays catch my breath,
Birds chirp and take flight
Morning is my grateful moment


Morning sun

Spreading her white net,

Morning wakes to her duties

Gathering fresh scent

From flowers and dew

She casts upon the clouds

Heavenly paintings

A creation, perfect and mild

One gift given to man


Morning Sun

Hail the sun rises with her gold,

Across the horizon she paints the land

The green great plains lay low

Watching her presence grow

The hills rise to meet her warmth

Desiring the joy she brought to the hamlet