A Psalm: To Jehovah, Ebenezer!

”I feel a power other than mine
I feel a strenght greater than me”

The strongest winds and storms
Tell of a might,
The beauty of His love
A testimony of grace!
He gave me a yam, alright!
Haha, he gave me a knife also
He gave me a fine dream

I worship His Majesty, – Kabiyesi!
I call Him, O gburu uzo n’ozara
The one who made roads on dunes
He made all with spoken words
He makes water storms in dry deserts
And men stare mouth ajar!

Wonder, wonder, holy, holy
I must say praise to You, Nissi!
Oh how awesome, how wonderful!
The day, the nights, you made hopeful
Ebube Dike, Dike na Dimkpa
Eze ndi Eze, the Lion of Judea!
I am so obsessed, what can I say
To You that cuts oceans into highways?
Awesome Jehovah- my song
You gave me a sweet hymn
One holy, of Trinity and solemn
My pride, my power- Chimbuikem
I command the rains, haha!
For you made me a commander!
He gave victory to a strengthless me
And I march to the gates of the enemy!
El-Shaddai I am forever grateful
Odum ebo Judae, Abum ihe mbu!
Only You are God
You got the whole world
In Your merciful hands,
Only You must reign

I am a christian, a methodist and a child of God. I am thankful to Jesus Christ for His undying love. This poetry is my lyrics for Him Who makes this poetry possible in me. The language used in the piece safe from English is Igbo and Yoruba. And below are the translations.

Kabiyesi: The Yoruba word for praising or hailing a King
O gburu uzo n’ozara: Igbo for The One that made settlements on desert dunes or wastelands
Ebube Dike, Dike na Dimkpa: Igbo for The powerful One, The most powerful!
Eze ndi Eze: Igbo for King of Kings
Chimbuikem: Igbo for God is my strenght!
Odum ebo Judae, Abum ihe mbu: Igbo language for Lion of Judae, I am that I am



Nneoma, nwayi oma m ji eme onu
Anam ede akwukwo a
N’ihi gi, n’ihi ihunanya gi
Iru gi di ka mmiri no n’iyi
Ochi gi na-eme m obi uto
Enweghi ihe m ga eji tunyere ya

Lee kwa mgbe akwa n’egbum
I kpom si
“Bia, kam bie gi oma
Tinye aka gi n’akam
Biko kwusi ibe akwa”
Lee kwasim anya na anya
Nwayi mara mma
Mara udiri udo na anuri
Di na obim tata

Mgbe ubosi na adada
I na eche m nche
Mgbe oke oyi na atu
I nye akwa gi
Mgbe agu di n’obodo
I nyem ihe oriri gi

Mara nke a, nwayi oma
Mara na m huru gi n’anya

There is a translation after this commentary. Here goes my first native poem in Igbo language! The Igbo is a south east Nigerian nation. I can’t say why this poem came today or why it hasn’t come before now. I have looked forward to writing more in African languages with appropriate translation in English. I dedicate this poem to all my loved ones, to friends and well wishers, to you my beloved readers and finally to all mothers.

Title: Sweet Mother

Sweet mother, my pride!
The husbands heart beat
I write this piece
Cos of you, cos of your love
Your face glitter like the waters of the stream
Your laughter gives me joy
Nothing compares to it!

Even when I cry before you,
You call to me, saying
“Come to me dear
Give me your hands
Please, stop crying”
Now look at my eyes
Beautiful and good woman
And know the kind of joy
That brews in my heart!

When night comes upon us
You shield me
When the cold is terrible
You give your warmth
Even when famine comes
You give me your food

And please know this dear mother
I am so in love with you

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