Natures Music

“I hear the strong sound of drums
Come from lands far, far away
Music living up the hills and slums
Down to the seaside by the bay”

The call of the birds flying home
As Darkness unfolds her cloak on the Earth
The choir of frogs across the little pond
Singing and croaking out their hearts
The sweet wind that blows hard
When the clouds thunder and rain
Victoria Lake and her lively waterfalls
With Natures own strings and bows
The wailing of Mangabeys and Partridges
In the African wilderness of the Veldt
Sahara in the sun and her sand storms
The laugh of the Hyena and drunk men
And the whistling of the Pine trees
On romantic and strongly airy nights

Mother Nature plays her strange music
And she plays for those who care to listen


Viva Africa!

Africa –my pride
The land of husker corn
Barley adorn your lengths
And date palms embellish you
The coasts in your waters
Glitter with mother of pearls
Signifying your just blood
Salmon glide on in its might
The land of Quasar drum
And the… palm beer
Your calabash is full of sorghum
And millets grounded in pepper
Cattle move around you
And the sunflowers beautify you
Showing your pure spirit
The land of rivers and lakes
The Victoria and the Chad
The farm that grows the Shea
And the Iroko, the Gmelina
I can sing of you with pride
Because of your just spirit


Line 9: The Quasar drum is a native of Southern African tribes.

Line 10: The Palm beer: a whitish  medicinal brew tapped from some species of the palm tree.

Line 17: Lake Victoria of East Africa and Lake Tchad of Central Africa.

Study Questions:

1. Do you really think that the poem says all about Africa? Why or why not?

2. What are the dominant figures of speech used on the poem?

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