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Two Poems: Together we watch day end and my Dancer


Baobab and Palm are shelters,
Glittering stars are my friends,
Waterfalls and Lions, my brothers
And together we watch day end.


I steal a glance when you dance
Memories of pouting lips haunt me
I dreamed of you and I once
But wished it away if we won’t be

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Tiv Princess



The sun rise of the Tiv!

From the Crowns crest

You wore a lace, weaved

Of many, herbs, jute, wool


In the midst of all

You stand dazzling in the sun rise

Hovering over others like the Iroko, tall,

Beautiful, with such grace and height

Leaving men wanting of desires



Tiv: People of Middle belt of Nigeria. Great farmers and hospitable people occupying regions of Benue and Taraba states of Nigeria.

Iroko: a great tree of the forest regions of Nigeria.


Africa’s poetale

Africa is a budding cocoon
A shy, fragile and cute butterfly
With shaky wings meant to fly
Living, in a desperate world

Africa is the gigantic tree
That grows by the side of the river
Shielding the lengths of the forests
And feeding the lifes around it

Africa is a mountain highly peaked
With white snows melting gracefully
And herds of Wildebeest grazing
Quietly down the grassy green plains

Africa is a mild song
That plays when the sunshine
At the beach down, down the road
With brown and white sand mixed

Africa is a dream
Waiting to happen
Hope of the generation
A scenic beauty of land and nature

Africa is my home
The hills of serene Ovim*
And the wild catfishes
That move about kingly and fearless

Africa is love
Community and family
Desires and joyful times
And the moonlight tales of the town

The Victoria Waterfalls is Africa
…The Veldt, the Savannah
…The Lake Chad and the River Niger
…The Lions and the Cheetah
…The Crocodiles and the Hippo
…The Elephants and the Rhino
…The Baobab and the Iroko
…The Zulu tribe and Igbo
…The Guinea and the Sahara
…The Oil Palm and the Shea
…The Orange and Nile River
…The Ashante and the Boer
…The Yankari reserve and the Serengeti
…The bushmens’ home and the Kalahari
…The amazing wine called mqobothi
…The Zebra and the Ostrich

Africa plays my fancy
And in such sweetness
I love my motherland

Ovim is in Nigeria and the poet hails from there.












Oh Africa!
The land of warriors
Of Shaka the Zulu
Land of great trees and waterfalls
The Victoria and the Chad
the Baobab and the Iroko
A land of green forests
With many faun and flora
A goldmine, a pouting sky
The wonders of Nature
A setting sun in the evening
Have you heard the tales
Of brave beast hunters
Home with life boas and alligators
Or driven down the roads
Of a modern Jo’burg
During a night sit out?
Have you seen the crags of Jos
And the Ohafia war dancers?
Have you seen the Kainji,
Or the ever dry Sahara?
Have you been to the Veldt
Or taken a safari thru Kenya’s forests
To see the wonders of the lakes
The river Orange and Lusaka?
When the sun rises
Hopes all rises with it
Have you seen the mountain Kilimanjaro
Or a hill leading the way to Umukwu, Ovim?
Have you heard the Lion
Roar so close to you
Or the trumpeting of Elephants
Confused and staring at you?
Come taste the sweet wonders
Of mother Natures best dishes
Come explore the lands
Where the sun shines always
Come see islands of the Cape Verde
And the wildlife that walk on Africa
Africa calls you
Have you seen my Africa?

Pictures: from Jim’s African Page

Oiroegbu Halls