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Every child deserves to be loved. Children can be at their best selves when loved and would reciprocate this act while growing. So if love is lacking in the society, it may be that people failed in their first duty to love. A man who lacks love was once a child who knew no love! A child will become a lover because he was loved. Love allows personal growth and self discovery. Let’s ponder over this.

Love and Christianity

Jehovah: My Beautiful Dream

I remember days when I was lost and hopeless
Was all alone, I was helpless
I didn’t care about it so much
For all I had was a dream
And it was beautiful…
I realised You were standing there
Even when I thought no one was around
Now I understand You came as a Dream,
This Dream has made my life so beautiful!


What Love can do

1 Corinthians 13 : 4 – 8


Taste and see

Love never hurts

If you agree with me

Then love is all we got


Love is golden,

So truly yours

Brings joy to one

When you let her soar


Love forgives all

It paints different colors

It mildly heals

And turns around sorrows


God is love, it is His command

Love one another as you love yourself

Love is a melody in God’s word

Given to guide us back to Himself


A Psalm: Your Voice

When I spoke with You I felt the rhythm in Your voice

It gave me the push to wake the solo song singing in me,

It made the ink in me flow

Guiding as I let my words sow

Your voice caged the fear in me

Showered on me pieces of life sweets

It drove me through the quietness of the cloud

And the mighty forest line swooshing loud

Your voice calls out from the mountain ranges

Letting the echo thunder across the lowly valleys

In the evening wind You speak

Light are the words You spoke

In the starry night, You sing

For a weary shepherd, waiting

Your blessing and voice has become a great inspiration

And I am thankful, dear Lord for all You have done


Psalm: A poem of Love

I’m writing a poem for You, 
From when the golden sun rise

To when her rays go in the evening

I will tell how much I love You

How You made my future bright

For when the night rains are blowing

You were my shield and comfort 

I will paint Your grace on poetry

I will call it Your name, Jehovah Elohim

You have raised me from dust

And made my life sweet as honey

Thou art worthy, Thou art awesome


Smile for me African child


Smile for me beautiful child

Show me your joyful face

Let me see your beautiful smile

Come now, do not be shy

Let me see your joy

Let me see the little dimple

And the lines of your face

As they straighten up for a smile!

Smile for me beautiful African child

Do not mind what they say

Your future is bright

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The Storm is Over

Continue in prayers

-Colossians 4.2


Never lose hope when you see the storm come

Never say never before before the day breaks

For what seems to be the end might just be the start

Of something fresh,  new and beautiful

And after the cold winter comes the warm summer

The clouds might leave the day

The birds nowhere to be found

But don’t give up yet

The nights might be colder than the last

And hopes seeming to fly away like the egret

But do not let go yet

Now the dark  night grow strong

And all may seem wrong

But to faith we run

We listen to her song

We hope, we pray, we long

Bless us Lord, bless us

Let this storm pass

When the raging storm wears out

The dew settle down to her business

The wet Earth grow new seedlings

The trees bear fresher fruits

Fallen tree leaves give the soil nutrients

And life goes back to the normal

Never lose hope when you see the storm come

Never say never before before the day breaks

And if you lift your eyes to the hills

You shall see the golden sun rise again

Image from  African Storm video on Youtube


African Inspiration

I see inspiration.
In our conversation,
In the mornings we talk
My pen grow fruitful
Your memories take me places,
to the peaks of African ranges
and where the lion cubs stay

I see the future
Bright and blue,
the clouds crystal clear
Like spring water rushing in haste
To other lands where the sun shine
Where the stars glitter in the night
And me thanking you for flying high with me

I see myself…
When you are around
I feel the warmth
Of your words in me
They encompass my whole being
You remind me of my joy
the one I cultured from the pen

…and when I see myself
I see a future inspired by you!


A Dying World

Dear Diary

there is too much pain in the world
I do not believe everyone is evil, no
In the midst of the crowd, there are very good people
but they are very quiet and maybe scared
they let the sick and evil ones destroy the world
the world grows sick with each passing day
but hey! Nobody gives a damn, I am alone in this
seems I see this world radically, but I am not wrong atleast
there are devastating wars in the Arab world
see green patches turn black with pollution
and whole species going extinct in a twinkle
people suffer lack of water and medical care
in an advanced age of science, technology and (war!)
infants and children die of curable diseases
we buy feed automobiles fuel made from biogas
and yet there is no food! Oh God!
rivers that we grew up with turn around to flood our homes
driving us away from were we call home
torture, rape, hate and all that degrades man is common
we watch Teevee while the world spin to disaster
nothing is the same anymore…
Love is slowly filtering away…
To somewhere, maybe another planet
I do not believe everyone is happy or (sad)
Reason being that I am a little bit in between
the strain of the dying world and human carelessness
make me sad, the love of God Almighty give me hope

I am pained and unhappy with all these happenings
I hope one day mankind will find love for one another…


My humble land

Now the morning has come finally
After the stress of yesterdays rain
This hilly land wakes warily
Our pots are full of Heavens blessings

Sweet musings and fine sights are all about me
The bees, the green hills, the swans that fly away
The vast fields of flowers which crops the Lilies
And the blue skies where the pretty birds stray

There is mixed brown and ash dusts of the Earth
Where happy green plants and trees thrives joyfully
And the look of mother Nature which makes my heart melt,
I’m filled with abundant joy which Gods creatures give me

The undulating hills of my homeland
The clean, flowing streams of Ovim
The caves, the Palm and Cassava land
Always to me it comes to overwhelm

The rocks that stay in the bamboo forest
Overlooking a peaceful flowing stream
Once in a while a fruit plunges into the current
And little fishes scatter in queer confusion

The red mud all about makes all boring
The birds twitter and trade up the palm tree
The dews are thick in the early morning
The happy children swim on the small stream

There is silver fish in the ponds
And very brave children who hunt them
There is the grasscutter and edible toads
And green weeds on the little streams

When the hunters come home, all is alive
The hamlet comes to hear their strange tales
The dogs, the kids, the other men and their wives
Everyone has an ear for the stories they have to tell

The palmwine is healthy and very sweet
The trees on the farms swerve joyfully,
When the tapper comes cycling to the market
The flies follow his trail, as his wine drip slowly

The people are very awesome
Hardworkers, doing every little job
Women are pretty, men are handsome
They till the land and graze the sheep

Now the memories of my humble land
The fears, the faith; the stress, the strengths
A fine land dreamingly made from a wand
Such that it comes alive in my minds eyes

Ovim is my homeland. Located in Abia state of Nigeria, it is a quiet place but full of life. The natives are known for their exploits in both business Entreprise, academia, agriculture and military. Ovim harbors forests, hills, streams and ponds, vast farmlands of cassava and yams (staple food common in the area). It is a fine place. The wildlife here are mostly reptiles (boas, pythons, lizards, monitors, other snakes), wild pigs, rodents, monkeys and birds. But some wild animals like the Alligators, the Hyena and Civets have been reportedly sighted.


New Days song

Awake to the morn,
Savoring the taste
Of a fresh minty day
Listening to birds call
And the feelings within

Awake to Heavens call,
A brand new song on my lips
And a gaze into the fields
As the tree leaves fall
With the burst of the wind
In fine danceful circles
The tree leaves descend

And I sing…
I sing in my heart
A joyful rendition-
My personal tradition
A special tune that soars high
To the Throne of the most High
I’m blessed
When the sun rise


Beautiful Dreams from Heaven

When Dreams come to one
Grip them with all you have got
The dews of Heaven bring them
The smiles of infants in the morning
A very cold winter blowing in might
And twittering of birds by your window
The falling red tree leaves in a park
And the blossoming of the golden wheat
The rising sun upon the white horizon
The softness and tenderness of mushrooms

God, the Father bring these to us
To all, to you, to me and these Dreams
Make all things about life beautiful