Nature Pastoral Poetry

Made of Rhyme by David Thane Cornell

Nature is a pixie
Unworthy to be sung,
Can it be I’m sixty,
I who was so young?

Over generous hearted,
She heaped me full of years,
Careless if I carted
Bellylaughs or tears.

Though spring is hers for poets
With hopes too high to climb,
I’m strutting up the summit
On crutches made of rhyme.

© 2011

Nature Pastoral Poetry

The Slug and the Rose by David Thane Cornell

Oh how I praise the hour
When I was born a snail,
Beneath a crimson flower
Beside a garden pail.

At first she didn’t notice me
As I moved so slow,
But with my pointed thinking cap
We thought up a show.

And what an audience I won
On a summer morn,
When she awoke, applauding me,
Sailing on a thorn!


God as Poetry Editor By David Thane Cornell

He dips His pen in the black hole of night
To recover an image and give it more light
Sometimes He uses a digital pad
Revising the first idea He had
Editing in and out of time
Honing the meter and smoothing the rhyme
He deftly spells and abbreviates
Cities, town, mountains and lakes
The metaphor of His master plan
Is hand to God and God to man
And when the poets have had their say
He folds them, with love, away


From The House Where Winter Begins, Poems by David Thane Cornell. ©️ 2011



Is this art not beautiful? I really celebrate this piece. Thank you David Thane Cornell.


Mandela by David Thane Cornell #WPD2019

Arrested by the terror of the times,
His faith was not belied;
Daily thousands of deaths he lived,
Thousands of lives he died.

His fugitive dream was captured by
A nation’s trusting eyes,
His jailers could not see beyond
Where the walls of valor rise.

Confessed and blessed for giving his life,
He never counted the cost,
The African moon’s a candle lit
By the Southern Cross.



For this year’s #WorldPoetryDay2019 I have decided to publish the works of emerging and already published poets on my blog. Today and on the next few days I will be posting poetry from different poets from all parts of the globe. The #WPD2019 is a harshtag which will be used for this poetry event.


David Thane Cornell is a talented American Poet. His passion for nature, nostalgic and pastoral poetry had made him dear to the poetry community of writers and readers. The Science Of Waiting is his recent volume of poetry.