Nature Poetry

Dance in the Rain

Let’s dance in the rain
Throw our worries to the wind
Raise your hands
And dodge my water blow,
Gather the rain water
Return my punch
Let this flow turn to dance

When clouds gather
That’s a great sign-
It must be the rain!
Or the comely evening
But let’s wait,
If it’s the rain’s herald
Will you dance with me?

Now the wind has come
Flirty-distracting breeze
First drop and another,
A little storm and showers
Yet, I’m King of the rain fight
And I’ll make you my Queen
If you would dance with me


Dancing in the Rain

Joy is dancing in the rain… 😊🤗🙃

Have you tried this before?



Musing: Candle Light

Night falls
Sleep calls

My candle light dance, hovering madly before me
Careless of its nakedness, careless of her waywardness
Yet there was very little wind here, rather a swift breeze
Coming now and then, but the candle light danced

The corner of the room stood, darkened behind me
My silhouette forming a union with the dark
And the night one of quiet loneliness, resourcefulness

Now the pen dance with the wind and candle light
The papers are bleeding with ink, fine and some obscure
Underwhelmed with the burden of a switching breeze
And the candle light which knew little but dance…

And so on… So the night is quiet but the pen aint!


Let us dance

Let us dance while the moon shine
As we swerve about together
To see the stars as they glitter

Let us dance under the baobab
Besides the termites castle
And the grazing field for the cattle

When we dance under the baobab
And the moon light up the cloud is bright
All beautiful memories come alive in the night

Now let the wind flow about us
And let the kids gather for a tale
For such nights as this are rare


Falling Leaves

There are leaves falling
From the skies top
Swinging about in a dance
Rowing silently up and down
When the orange sun sets
And the sad squirrels sat
On tree branches looking at
The strange hues painted
Across the skies horizon
Also the little ants watch
Though a sign had come
It was time to hurry up
To go home for night is on its way
Quietly, slowly eaten up the day
The happy leaves drop
When the tree had written its story
And silently passes her message
For all who care to read

Oiroegbu Halls

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Under the Baobab

Tonight we will sit under the Baobab
To scratch each others back
And we shall let all the children
Gather about us, happily

Tonight the moon shall visit us
With his smiles and dimples
And a tale shall be told
With all sleepy eyes listening

Tonight the squirrels will listen
As we tell of great deeds
Of far away white beached islands
With all shells and corals

Tonight the airs shall be light
It shall sooth off the pains
That came with our days farm work
And all that will be history

Tonight the crickets shall sing
With all the voices they could muster
The fireflies shall wobble about
Lighting our faces now and then

Tonight the night is dark
The arms of loved ones around
Companionship and all we want
So close by to us

Tonight we shall dance
We shall forget the days troubles
We shall laugh as we swerve around
And all will be absolutely well

Tonight I shall be on my paper
I shall let my pen and mind travel
And a smile is so welcomed
From under the arms of the Baobab