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The Cricket’s Sorrow

I laid my bones down to rest
An airy night, dark and quiet,
When a thought swept over me
I was still awake
When I heard it
I heard it screech
A cold voice, not far from me
I paused, listened
A neighbor coughed from the next flat and bothered it
So quietness stayed for a while

Another screech
I kept mute to hear it speak…

Ihttttcchh, what a painful world,
A disturbed place, a confused one,
Less trees, lesser shrubs
Less green places for little fauns
Dark places, carbon profits
Hotter days and nights
And yet all they do is sit
To clamour for more wealth!’

I could feel her pain
I could almost touch it
I see myself in her shoes

And wonder what may become
Of this beautiful Earth


Dedicated to those who genuinely fight to keep the Earth from dying and to all trees and shrubs in the forests, that still sustain human life, everywhere, anywhere.


Musing: The Cricket and I

“Weet weet weet… Weet weet!”
I hear the screeching of the little cricket
Calling to the quietness in my heart

As the light of the lamp fade slowly
Then time brought back my memories
For in my sweet and lonely reverie
A desire come to me for some poetry

Left with the screeching of an insect
Which has turned to become a friend
Quietly in solemn patience I wait
To the crickets call I humbly listen

And when the nights are lonely
I stay grateful to God Almighty
For blessing me with this gift that makes all happy
And for this little cricket which sings me a lullaby


Back from traveling

All the while I sat on a bus
My mind was already with you
Dreaming all I could see
When I arrive to your embrace

Oh beautiful tree
Standing solemnly outside
By my room window
Waving her green leaves
When the Night comes with her breeze
Making melody for me
Singing a cool lullaby
But then something I feel is missing
Little cricket where you at?
Come, come closer to me
I am harmless, yes you know
Crawl up my arm, sit, comfort yourself
Oh please come sing a song
Let me hear again your croaky voice
How deep it has become
Tell me all you did,
When I was far far away
I missed you all, much
The tree waving outside
This moonless night
And my little Cricket friend
Which sings from somewhere
In a crack near my bed

Oiroegbu Halls


Some Tales of the Wildwoods 2


There’s a land behind those hills
Covered in the forest
A green foliage; brushes and roots
All the time the Clouds are blue
And the king of the Forest
Do fall in love with it
When the cloud blushes
It rains softly; mildly
And the little creatures
Which live in the land
Look up to the smiling Forest king
‘Oh, see how handsome his face is’
A little dark Cricket said
‘He is really in love with the Cloud
But we don’t understand
Why she always refuses
To love the Forest king back!’
A group of Pigeons answered
‘I tell you that she is possessed
Who should resist the Forest king?’
The Wolf added, as he looked up
‘The Forest king hadn’t said anything yet
All he does is to stare and smile
How awfully awful!’
Some Pine trees whined
‘If for nothing but admiration
Is the reason to love
I choose not to love’
The philosophical Woodpecker concluded.

This is a part of the first poem written earlier on 5th August. Nice reading to you, and I hope you enjoy it.

Oiroegbu Halls

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Under the Baobab

Tonight we will sit under the Baobab
To scratch each others back
And we shall let all the children
Gather about us, happily

Tonight the moon shall visit us
With his smiles and dimples
And a tale shall be told
With all sleepy eyes listening

Tonight the squirrels will listen
As we tell of great deeds
Of far away white beached islands
With all shells and corals

Tonight the airs shall be light
It shall sooth off the pains
That came with our days farm work
And all that will be history

Tonight the crickets shall sing
With all the voices they could muster
The fireflies shall wobble about
Lighting our faces now and then

Tonight the night is dark
The arms of loved ones around
Companionship and all we want
So close by to us

Tonight we shall dance
We shall forget the days troubles
We shall laugh as we swerve around
And all will be absolutely well

Tonight I shall be on my paper
I shall let my pen and mind travel
And a smile is so welcomed
From under the arms of the Baobab


A Night with a Cricket

I laid my bones to rest
A quiet night, dark and solemn
A wild thought swept thru me
But I was to be awake
Cos I heard it
I heard the screech
A cold one, not far from me
I listened
Nothing else
A neighbors cough at the next flat bothered it
It stayed for a while…

Another screech
I lay quietly to hear it

‘Ihttttcchh, what a panful world
A disturbed place, a shattered life
They are taking all, yeah they are
No more trees, no more shrubs
No more little inhabitants of those vegetations
Just dark places
Hotter days and nights
And they all sit
Clapping for themselves!’

I could feel the pain
I could touch it
Living in a treeless society
Got me shrugging
But then, dear me
Forget not our dear dying Earth.

Dedicated to those who genuinely fight to keep the Earth from dying and to all trees and shrubs in the forests, everywhere, anywhere.

Oiroegbu Halls

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A lonely Dream

There’s a star
Lookin’ lonely and hapless
It looked even more prettier alone
I saw it from the bed
When I pushed the curtain to a side
Tis cold and moonless night
It was shiverin’
Or maybe I thought it was
Just under my bed
I heard a cricket shriek
Maybe he was mad at somethin’
I never cared to bother a cricket
I felt a streak of cold touch
Then another merciless shriek
We were all lonely
And it was madly cold out there
I, the cricket and this star

Study Questions.
1, What do you think is the theme?

2. Give instances of the use of Metaphor