Africa culture/tradition

African Proverbs 12

Here’s from Bahumba people of Congo: To engage in conflict, one does not bring a knife that cuts but a needle that sews.


The Forest


You call to me, tonnes of sound whispering through the wind

Calling me, singing songs of the wild, emissary of Nature

You send the birds, they ‘caw-caw’, they fly the heavily blued cloud

They make the skies their tuft, everything in you: their leisure


Green trees, red flowers, purple feathers, all in perfect unison

You call to me, you Baobab, you Bee and Flamboyant, you Cheetah

I listen, I write, I dream of your call, I write and I listen again

The days run out, they run fast into the current of the river


From the wild palms, monkeys dance and display their weird talents

In your joyful reverie you laugh at their circus and happy lust

Each day they play, each day they lived and so each day went

You engage all, the blue clouds, buzzing bees and seeds that burst


Down below, beautiful, fine and awesome lives exist

Crickets and hoppers play about, worms race on the clay

In the quiet mornings the sun must rise to take off the mist

All day and night, their is your song, one we can not say


In the summer, the hot sun shimmer and shine all day

The blue skies are unperturbed, the alligators lay lazy

In the mid day, snake beat the traffic, they make quick hay

All and all, at the end, you have your occupants busy 


Note: Nature as an African


Mother Nature is an African. I say this because I have seen why. Africa is unrivaled in wildlife species and variety. I have had an Ostrich tower over me back then in Ondo state of Nigeria and I have met the Hyena which could have passed for a demon with her red eyes and big fury head and that was in Songhai Zoological Gardens. I have seen some quails and came so close to an African python! I have seen several species of crocodiles; the West African Dwarf Crocodile and the Nile,  the civet, boars, tortoise, turtles, giant rats, all sorts of rodents, snakes,  hundreds of different monkeys, wild dogs, hundreds of birds particularly the peacock, egret, falcon, parrots and the crown bird. I have seen many animals and plants which I might not recollect their names and places I met them.

Now I have climbed hills and traveled thru thick forests. I have witnessed a first hand experience of an African village and spent my time living in the rural. I have seen and bathed in waterfalls and her sparkling waters that washed down the valleys.

I hope to see even more…

If you visit Africa to see these wonders, trust me you will be glad you did.