Humble Home by ‘Jindu Iroegbu

I came home to see my little brother’s drawing. He tries his hands on drawing and painting, and the least I can do is to encourage him. His work is littered all around the house, mostly in the living room. As you can see he had included his name in this drawing. 😀

This is a traditional African home, made of bamboo and roofed with grass. There’s a stair and a suspension made of strong bamboo stalk. This house is typical of the Niger Delta peoples of Southern Nigeria. ‘Jindu explains that this house portrays humility and contentment. And I call it “The Humble Home”, with his permission of course.


Image by Favour ‘Jindu Iroegbu


Bamboo house

You have given us shelter and warmth, 

You have given us memories 

And reasons to smile… 

When sons of men laughed at your appearance then

Those wild boys threw stones and the earth pots broke, 

We hid in you at first afraid but later mocked their fruitless fight, 

But you, you stood bold and proud, letting the stones and words hit you

Sheltering us from the harm which men created in their caste, 

And returning nothing to them, nothing even one brick

And we can say it loud and clear; you taught us well! 

Now we have learnt humility, the need of not being vengeful 

We have learnt the need to be contented, to be satisfied with what we are


You stood proud even at the hungriest rainstorm

You stood tall when the sun rays bite the earth

We are proud of you, dear citadel

And now we see why we are grateful, why we must appreciate you! 

Image by Favor Chijindu Iroegbu