Shepherd Lore

Dusk is messenger of sunset, birds fly away, hills sink,
Fireflies become touches to guide the Shepherd through
hills and valleys; nothing troubles man and sheep more
than the thought of warm wool and smell of hay

Nature Pastoral Poetry

Shepherd’s poem

From bed of wool, sound of settling sheep bemused him
Far up the night sky, stars want and rain was on her way
These three things blessed the Shepherd’s thoughts and rest


A Shepherds Song

I see the golden sun rise far away,

Waking the countryside, painting the day

The clouds glitter, no amount of gold can define this:

The smell of dew on dry clay and the life all around me

The Earth is awake and alive, and we must keep her so

It is time to march the flock through the hilly grazing land


First, was the peaceful journey through the vast grassland

Where daffodils, dandelions, mistletoes and guinea grew

And the wading through the little stream that flowed quietly

So that one could hear the fish swim against the waters tide,

Then came the fields of wild grass and their lovely scent

I sat beneath the tree shade and let the sheep treat themselves!


The tree roots are my favorite seat, the mushrooms are cushions

Sometimes my thoughts drown in the music the sheep and birds make

The light colored birds fly above me, up in the trees they gather

To watch the queer meeting of white wool spread across the green grass

Some bolder birds came down to join the massive feast

Picking stray insects that fled the grasses as the sheep grazed

*** {so I sang my song…}

Down by the riverside, I must wait for my flock to graze,

I must listen to the beautiful young lamb call out to their mothers,

And I must wait for the sun to set and the breezy evening to come

Now the thoughts of my warm bed, stacked with hay come to me

And the night skies, which when besieged by glittering stars

Tell a lot of stories that takes me, joyfully to dreamland