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Thoughts on Africa and Covid19

I follow recent global events with keen interest. I’m worried and hope that this scourge end soon. I’m aware that the growing pandemic is leading lesser economic activities across the globe, and this may cause hard times for African economies in particular.

Most African nations depend solely on exports for survival. Nigeria, like many other countries, depends on crude oil, solid minerals and agro product export. Imagine what will happen when foreign borders, economic and physical are closed, and there is no market. Now let me highlight Africa’s primary problem as public resource mismanagement. When evil leaders hijack public resources with no foresight and ineffective economic planning, growth is retarded. Corruption and political instability has led Africa down the wrong path, and it has become the way of life in some nations. Now we face a more significant problem which our leaders may downplay as well.

If leaders utilised those plundered resources to create opportunities and diversify our economy, we may stand in a position to render help to other nations. But of course, we are always at the receiving end, receiving both mercy and pity. American, Chinese and European agencies are worried that Africa may not be able to contain Covid19 should it escalate. What can I say?

I write from my bed; these thoughts refused to let me be. Good night everyone.