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Tungan Maje By Michelle Basil

Our relationship with family and friends, with our immediate environment and passion for others makes us human.

Michelle Basil is my guest this beautiful and sunny morning. This is her story.

Michelle believes that simple things in life matter. She is a lover of outdoors, sunshine and trees. Her favourite spot is Tungan Maje, the town she grew up in. Outspoken and bold, artistically and physically, Michelle takes us on how nature makes her fancy.

Michelle reveals that Tungan Maje means a market under the tree. Since her primary education days, Michelle had always wanted to know the first market that gave the village its name. She says she will find out soon and I hope she shares her findings with us.

The village is beautiful and is located in Gwagwalada Area Council of Abuja, Nigeria. Michelle notes that the people are industrious and that the village’s older folk look young.

‘Their youthful agility never leaves them.’ She recalls.

Michelle’s artistic images portrays her love for nature and outdoor reflection and games. She writes stories in her free time.

‘I can do this all day.’ She says. ‘Stay out with the greens and watch them smile, wondering most times if they ever feel the way we humans do and what if they do.’

Thank you Michelle! It’s nice to have you here.