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Welcome to Akara

When I was growing up I was fascinated each time we traveled to the countryside. It was fun as I could query the roads with my eyes and count palm trees as we went.

Welcome to Akara, the biggest town in Isuikwuato. The name may sound familiar to Nigerians as it shares same pronunciation with the local name for bean cakes.

Akara junction is a melting pot for travelers. People traveling to places like Uturu, Ovim, Abiriba, Ohafia, Igbere, Arochukwu, Bende and other parts of Abia pass through this route. Many people from all parts of Nigeria live and do business here. The junction is known for her egusi biscuits (tasty melon seeds, crushed and smoked with pepper, oil, and other ingredients). Yummy!

It is also known for its bush meat and palm wine restaurants. Sometimes hunters display Nchi (Grasscutter) and Ele (Antelope) for sale. The surrounding bush and forests makes hunting a lucrative business. I am not a fan of hunting. I think the government should protect the forests or regulate hunting and logging businesses. It is common to see all kinds of exotic wild animals trapped, killed and sold as meat or raw materials. Also, large expanses of forest land is cleared annually for settlements and farmlands.

There are super markets and hotels to serve travelers. Hospitals and small factories are also sited in the vicinity. There’s a bank and a thriving market. One thing you must know about Isuikwuato people is: they are friendly and welcoming.

The first image was taken last week, on my way back to Aba. Reflecting on the nostalgia traveling brought, I still feel like an excited kid each time I pass through this junction.

Have a great holiday everyone.