Say it now: for Yemeni children

Say not your voice has no power,
For we listened and heard you speak from radios,
And you spoke of many things, that helped not dying souls
They say humanity is not defined by guns nor skin
But look at kids wallow in great pain for no reason

Look not another way while we die
Lest violence infect all conscience,
A raised finger may halt a machete or bullet
But if all grow no fatigue in being silent
Remember humanity does not watch another die


Today I saw horrifying images of children starving and on the brink of death in Yemen. It’s very painful that in a sophisticated world, which had conquered deserts and ocean depths, with advanced science and technology, expeditions to the moon and other planets, we can’t find a way to settle disputes without throwing blows. Then we are still primitive in civil matters. Shameful indeed.

Please help me put out a word to end the strife going on in Yemen, Syria, South Sudan, Cameroon and wherever man is found.