Muse: Unabhangigkeit Nigeria!

We are that patch of hope
That grow like the jute rope
And we are the sunlight,
We are a mild climate
We are the Cassava
We are Enyimba
We are the Jos Plateau
Having mornings and dew,
Evenings and the moonlight
We are the bees and the locust
We are a culture
Of enterprise, of tradition
Blessed by Nature
With waterfalls and the rain
We are the rocks of Olumo
And the Afang soup of Uyo
We are the muddy Enugu
And the cattle ranch at Obudu
We are the Niger River
And the confluence city of Lokoja
We are the hills of Isuikwuato
And black people when we stare in the mirror
We are made beautiful
We are copper skinned and yellow
We grow millet and sweet corn
Our mills grind the grain
For we are great farmers
We are the land of the Shea butter
We are a hundred of million
And each number a person
And this is much power
In this we are stronger!
We have hills and valleys
We are the green plains and Iroko tree
We have arid deserts and mountains
We are the fine Lagos lagoon
We have rainy and sunny days
And bush tracks and highways
We are a people of diversity
We are greater even in unity
We are tongues and nationalities
We have learned men
Professors, soldiers, craftsmen
We are the African spirit
Both modern and ancient
We are highly intelligent
Can’t you see?
My motherland is great
And this is because of our unity!
We worship our God, Jehovah
And we reverence Allah!

And now, this is Nigeria!
Unabhangigkeit Naijeria!

Today doubles both as a new month and Nigeria’s Independence Anniversary. So I have written this little piece to celebrate Nigeria. Happy New Month of October!

Nigeria is plus 1 today. Let us over look our differences and work in unity. Images of great Nigeria will be posted soon.

Unabhangigkeit: German word for Independent.

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