Musing: Aye a Pirate

Down by the waterside
I ached for a ride
Then came a tiny canoe sail
Rollin its small tail
Mind you sailor
I-the wielder of the Ockrentor
The ‘craziest’ poet
And can you him beat?
I dream I believe
He sparingly revved
Life has made me a panther
I a lynx do be rather
He smiled showing all broken pieces
This crazy to think you got the bits
I was this and that
I grunted
What are you he asked
Me is not a pirate
I’m a poet
You a mooo…
No hawk, I’m Oiroegbu
Aye you look serious
I’m a man of surprises

Written also in 2012, I sometimes make abstract ‘wack’ poems, if you know what I mean. The poem tries to capture an experience gained from meeting a fisherman.