Poetry from the Skies

There was poetry up in the skies before we
learned to write
Awesome rhythms rendered as a strong
winds might
Surely we aint aware of this lyrics penned
down by the clouds
As such when it sings the green vegetations
all bows
There was poetry long before we learned to
walk or hear
Drums that tender softly beats that is far but
A brief gaiety that sounds across the heavens
Heard passionately even when it stills at
There is poetry down this little African hill
Maybe it was the hyenas laugh sounding
near the mill
What is there, that there is no poetry in?
A flying stone sings heartily till it lands in a
The infant here draws lines in his Arcadian
If you cant find poems around you listen to
the sky!

Study Questions.
Discuss the diction and figures of speech.