The Fisherman by Robin Bliss

He sits on the dock
Peering intently into the water
Hunched over
Rod in hand
Line through fingers
A study in concentration
The waves are lapping
The sky is blue
Sun is shining
The white sand
He sees not the beauty
He stares into the water
Seagulls fly around
Fighting noisily
Over food
He does not hear them
Gazing into the water
A solitary figure
He sits
People walk past
He does not see
A child trips
Grazing knee
Then cries
Mother comforts
He does not hear
He is deaf and blind
To all around
Looking and waiting
Concentrating intensely
Gazing at the ripples
Craving for a bite
A nibble,a fish
So patiently,he waits
Tackle by his side
Everything ready
Nothing disturbs him
As he stares into the sea
Will he ever get a bite?

By Robin Bliss,

Notes: I have taken attention to this poem. Not because it was written on my date of birth but because of the free flow of ideas from a line to another. The poem is captivating.

Study Questions.
1. Can you describe the poetic features of the poem?

2. What figures of speech abound here?

3. What do you think is the theme?

About the Poet.
Robin Bliss is a poet of Australian decent. A humbled gentleman and a lover of nature. This is portrayed in his works. His favorite hobby include photographing.