It Rains!

We’re baked in the sun
For a longtime now
The clouds have been idle
See tis tiny threads pound the sands
Wait for the colors to turn grey
The heat baked us
Burnin’ the body
Almost on the verge of touching the soul
It springs forth
Smell of watered dust
Like the Eastern salt
Moulded from the dusts
We once marched on
Thank goodness It’s come for good
We cant await
The first drop on my head
Another on my chin
The wait is over
I’ll be wet soon
It rains again!

Notes: The poem explains itself. The diction here is quite simple. In Nigeria there are two seasons: the Rainy and the Dry season. The poem explains the excitement that comes with the return of the first rains.

Study Questions.

1. Did the poet use imageries? How do you explain the poem?

2. Explain the first 2 lines.

3. Which other Figures of Speech can you notice?