Apart from writing, I love teaching.  I’m a math teacher and have experience teaching at the private and public sector.

I love to share my knowledge, so I will be glad to update my favorite math topics on this page. Check this page regularly for updates.

3/2/20: Math, an integral part of life:

When I first started tutoring math in a public school I liked to explain to my students and audience while math is an integral part of their lifes. From the moment we wake from sleep to the time we stare at mirrors and wash our teeth, directly or indirectly we do calculations and we may not take recognizance of this.

In the field, boys play soccer. Shooting needs different precisions and angles. When we sing we take care to blend with beats or rhythm. When we cook we are working on a complex matter. I say if you can cook you must be a good mathematician! Tell me, how do you know how much water to add? Or do you think it’s sheer luck that food don’t always over spice? Okay, no one puts a sack of salt in a pot though. There’s some sort of measurement; a teaspoon, a cup, something to take a reasonable amount of materials needed. Builders also consider the ratio of cement to sand or risk a disaster.  There’s time and weights, there’s longitudes and locus.

Math is an integral part of human life. So life can be boring and full of mistakes without reason, logic which to me equates to math.

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