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Commentary on A Tale of the Wild Woods

This is folklore written a long time ago when I was a teenager. I still feel the mix of the honest voice of a boy who loves nature and a budding young writer, happy to engage his wits on imaginative adventures. This work wasn’t meant to be political in any way. But reflecting on it, I can, however, see atoms of politics in it. Well, it could just be another lullaby, tale or other kinds of entertainment for my readers.

While rereading it, I’ve grown an admiration for the wolf’s blunt character. He is of course, wild and most times ridiculous. Despite being a wolf, he had managed to trigger an idea that the government is responsible for all woe-happening. I don’t doubt him much. Please take a look at what is happening at present; it’s evident that stupid governments indeed ruin economies and the environment.

I’m amused at his speech about blaming the government for everything that happens – including imposing the monstrously cold weather on all. I only do not see any rationale to force everyone to accept his theories.

I’ve included some study questions. I’ll love to read your opinion.

Once upon a time
It was winter
And a night of bitter cold
The snow lay thick upon the ground
And upon the branches of the trees
Two Woodcutters made their way home
And when they came to the Mountain
She was hanging motionless in the air
For the Ice, King had kissed her
So cold was it that evening
That the animals and birds
Knew not what to make of it
‘Ugh!’ snarled the Wolf
As he limped through the brushwood
With his tail between his legs
‘This is utterly monstrous weather!
Why doesn’t the Government look to
‘Weet, weet, weet! Twittered the
‘The old Earth is dead
And she is laid out in her white shroud.’
‘The Earth is going to be married
And this is her bridal dress.’
The Turtle doves whispered
Their little pink feet were quite frostbitten
But they felt it was their duty
To say something romantic about the
‘Nonsense’ the Wolf growled. ‘
I tell you it is all the fault
Of the Government
And if you don’t believe me
I shall eat you.’
The wolf had a thoroughly practical mind
‘Well, for my part.’
Said the philosophical Woodpecker
I don’t care about an atomic theory for
If a thing is so, it is so
And at present, it is cold.’

Notes: The poem is self-explanatory. Some weather conditions can be extreme, and fauns feel the cold as much as we humans do.

Study Questions:
1 Comment on the Figures of Speech used here.
2. Do you think that the Wolf’s comments were made out of ignorance and selfishness?


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