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Reflection: African Dream

I reflect and dream of you Africa, and hope to see Peace, Equality and Freedom work for you and for all…

…and to travel through many African countryside, to smell coffee grown in a valley in an Ethiopian village, to dance with the Masai and roar boldly with Serengeti Lions when they call the sunrise. I admire the sunset and smiling familiar faces; to ride Ostriches and race Cheetahs; to sit with children when our routine moonlight tales are told, to hear the Zambian Hyena howl at night. I’ll see young Igbo men wrestle in sheer display of beautiful African culture in my hometown, swim through white waters of Oko’pia, and watch Africa’s potentials harnessed properly by leaders.

…to listen when elders speak as they share their wisdom, and prayers, to love, for love is central to human existence and to this evenings reflection. Love brings peace, grants equality and freedom. Love is blind to my skin colour and lets me dine with all men irrespective of religion, creed, tribe, nation, and economic or political interests.

Finally while I end this reflection and if I do marry, I’ll hold my child high as Simba was held. She will see her people’s wealth of land and life. She will learn her African values, speak her fathers languages, learn to wear her beads, braid her hair and love all human kind; dark or fair, living in vales or hills or in towns or hamlets, or where it shines, snow or rain.

Good night.

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Self Reflection 31: Faith 2

To believe a thing impossible is to make it so. French Proverb.

Indeed, the positive thinker of faith in God, sees the invisible, feels the intangible and achieves the impossible.

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A tropical Night by Robin Bliss

Here in the tropics,
Night falls suddenly
No long drawn out twilight
Sitting here surrounded by,
Darkness and blackness.
The only light shines from,
A street light glimmering,
Through the foliage,and
The Fireflies small dots.
Specks of light moving,
About seemingly floating,
In the torrid night air.
Moving according to the,
Whim of the insect.

The evening atmosphere is,
Hot and humid, oppresive,
After the days rainstorm.
Maybe I should go inside.
The bedroom is air conditioned.
My wife is in bed asleep.
But I decide to stay,
Foe a while longer.
The only sound is from,
The high pitched yap of,
Geckos racing along,
The walls and ceiling,
Chasing after insects.

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Just can’t be bothered,
Moving from here yet.
In spite of the humidity.
The air is heavy ladened,
With the sweet scent of,
Jasmine flowering at night.
The heat saps ones strength.
Feeling weary and tired,
But moving is an effort.
Still,I don’t want to,
Stay out here all night.
It would be a sleepless night.
At least the bedroom is cool,
And I could sleep at last.